Emma Watson’s dress creates complete confusion

Emma Watson’s dress creates complete confusion

Actress Emma Watson (33) posted a new photo on social media that people don’t seem to understand the implications of.

Arouse attention: – A tampon

The actor was photographed with his brother Alex, 30, in matching outfits. And that’s exactly the 33-year-old’s headache-inducing dress.

The dress seems to be floating in the air.

Confusing: Followers don't understand berries.  Photo: Instagram screenshot

Confusing: Followers don’t understand berries. Photo: Instagram screenshot
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Many think the outfit is “gravity-defying” and wonder how the dress even looks on her body.

“Are they hanging from your ears?” one asks in the comments section, while another calls it a “proper” Harry Potter costume.

difficult: Kim Kardashian is known for rocking her outfits, and during Paris Fashion Week she was no exception. Video: Youtube/Red Runner
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according to independent This confusing dress is by Loewe, which is known for using its imagination when it comes to its designs.

Furthermore, the newspaper writes that the dress is bound using metallic threads in the fabric to make it appear to float.

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