It gets much warmer in northern Norway than in Paris

It gets much warmer in northern Norway than in Paris
Warmth comes: Happy bathers at Telegrafbukta in Tromso in 2014.

Warmer weather has been reported in northern Norway than in Paris.


People in the north can enjoy warmer temperatures.

Southern temperatures were reported on Thursday in the northern regions of the country. Temperatures of up to 25 degrees have been reported in Tromsø, Narvik, Hammerfest and Alta.

Earlier this week it became clear that the summer heat will finally reach northern Norway.

Although it is hot in the north, meteorologist on duty at the Meteorological Institute Alexander Skelved says it is nothing new for temperatures to be above 20 degrees in Tromsø.

– It’s been a few years until the temperature has exceeded 25 degrees. In 2013 the temperature was 28 degrees.

Although 25 degrees is not abnormal in Tromsø, it is much higher than the average temperature for the month of June.

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According to Skeltved, the average temperature in Tromsø in June is 9.4 degrees.

Weather in the South: Blissful summer temperatures come to Tromso Beach and the Gertfjord.

It will get warmer

Starting next week, it may get much warmer.

– From Monday next week onwards in July, it will warm up and temperatures are likely to be in the high 30s, says Skelved.

And so it can Norwegian heat wave Norwegian heat wave When the maximum temperature is not less than 27 degrees five consecutive days.Also now northern Norway

The heat wave could affect the population, and meteorologist Skilltfeed asks people to take precautions.

Stay in the shade and remember to drink enough water.

Not just positive

Warm air isn’t just good news.

– When it gets very hot on the ground, the air rises quickly and creates unstable air. Unstable is also synonymous with lightning and thunder. That’s why it’s so challenging with lightning and thunder in Finnmark right now, says Skeldtved.

In the past six hours, 2,500 lightning strikes have been recorded in Finnmark, and the Meteorological Institute has issued a danger warning. This means avoiding open plains, large trees, showers, and unplugging electrical appliances.

Lightning also contributes to wildfire risk, Skeltfeed says.

– Although the rain made the ground wet at the top, the lightning is so powerful that it can cause wildfires

It’s still warm in the south

Warm weather also continues further south. On Thursday, glorious sunshine and 27 degrees were reported in Oslo, as well as 26 degrees in Drammen, Tönsberg and Kristiansand.

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Thus, there is still a yellow warning of forest fire danger in southern Norway as well.


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