Quasar: Astronomers have discovered the brightest object in the universe

Quasar: Astronomers have discovered the brightest object in the universe

that it European Southern Observatory (ESO) Which reports on the discovery made using the world's largest and most advanced telescope, the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile.

They refer to this discovery as “not only the brightest object of its kind, but also the brightest object ever observed.”

A quasar is an extremely distant, extremely bright object in the universe. according to The Great Norwegian Dictionary It strongly suggests that quasars are the result of supermassive black holes at the center of an active galaxy capturing surrounding matter. The extremely powerful radiation comes from matter just outside the black hole, which heats up dramatically on its way toward the black hole.

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17 billion times larger than the sun

This quasar has a giant black hole at its center and shines 500,000 billion times brighter than the Sun. Its mass is also 17 billion times greater than the mass of the Sun.

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This quasar, called J0529-4351, is growing so fast that the black hole is devouring the equivalent of one sun per day, according to the European Southern Observatory.

This makes it the brightest object in the known universe, says astronomer Christian Wolff, of the Australian National University (ANU), in the press release.

At first I thought he was a star

Astrophysicist Jens Finbo told the Danish news agency Ritzau that all quasars are black holes, but not all black holes are quasars.

– The larger the black hole, the faster things fall into it, so it shines more, says Lertzau.

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The object was first discovered in 1980, but was then considered a star, and only last year was it concluded that it was a quasar. The object is so far from Earth that its light takes 12 billion light-years to reach us.

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