European Environment Agency: – Threatened by massive climate change

European Environment Agency: – Threatened by massive climate change

If the necessary measures are not taken immediately, climate change could have catastrophic consequences. The European Environment Agency (EEA) wrote in a report Which will be published on Monday.

The report addresses rapid climate change and Europe's preparedness to deal with it. Countries in the Far South are particularly at risk.

The report highlights that wildfires and forest fires, water shortages, floods, erosion and the risk of saltwater intrusion into groundwater are some of the risks of climate change.

Pollution and global warming as a result of the use of fossil fuels are highlighted as a factor accelerating the problems.

Many of these risks have already reached a critical level and could become catastrophic without rapid and targeted action, the Environment Agency says in the report.

This is what the newspaper writes Iltalehtiwhich the report discusses.

Drought: The Environment Agency believes that severe drought is one of the consequences we will see if the necessary measures are not taken. Here from the Sao Reservoir in Catalonia, summer 2023. Image: AP
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– It's going to get worse

Although it is particularly southern Europe that will feel climate changes on the body, the European Economic Area warns that it will also be felt further north in Europe. They use recent floods in Germany and forest fires in Sweden as examples.

The European Economic Agency warns that extreme temperatures, drought, wildfires and floods will worsen in Europe, even in the most optimistic scenarios, and will affect people across the continent.

They list 36 climate-related risks. For 21 of them, immediate action is urgent. At the same time, the agency recognizes that European countries have made significant progress on climate

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