Eva B. Raghid, traitor Eva B. Ragde receives death threats after ‘traitor’ post.

Eva B.  Raghid, traitor  Eva B. Ragde receives death threats after ‘traitor’ post.

Forensic technician Eva B. Ragged, 60, liked this year’s season of “Traitor,” but she’s not quite at the top yet.

In the end, the 60-year-old had to settle for fourth place, but there were no angry faces from Ragged. During the conclusion of this year’s season, she was able to say that the atmosphere between the participants is much better than it appears on the screen.

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Because although this year’s season saw many heated discussions, Ragged revealed to Nettavisen that they enjoyed their time.

– No one had a bad mood there. She says: Even if you watch the match on TV, that is not the case.

“We had a good time,” adds the forensic technician.

He received death threats

Ragde distinguished himself as an active player during this year’s “Traitor” season, and was instrumental in casting doubt on several other celebrity participants in the psychological game.

Others include Frodi Grudas (59), who was sent home as a savior after Ragged questioned his role.

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Not everyone liked it, and Ragged told Nettavisen that viewer reactions were sometimes overly strong.

– I have received some death threats in connection with the fact that I “sent” and stood in the crusade against Frodi, says the 60-year-old.

-There are also those who suggest that I was not kind enough to Morten (Thoresen, Journal. note), she adds.

However, Raghed doesn’t care about the ugly comments, choosing instead to ignore the negativity.

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– People simply think I should “burn in hell” because I act this way.

– But then I think these might be people who might not be doing well in their lives or don’t have a life at all. So it will be at their expense, explains the forensic technician.

Meanwhile, Rugged notes that she has received mostly good feedback from most people.

The sister is not surprised

Eva B. Ragde’s older sister, crime writer Anne B. Ragde (65), participated in the first season of Forræder.

However, she received a completely different response from her sister.

– For my part, it was only positive. I had a lot of fun, she told Netafisin.

The author was impressed by her sister’s efforts on the popular TV 2 show, but was not surprised to see some death threats from disgruntled TV viewers.

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-Death threats included, there are idiots everywhere. No need to worry, says the 64-year-old.

“I’m not surprised when you call the police and your nose is very visible in front of you,” she adds.

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