January 31, 2023


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Events, E18 | Six cars in collision on E18

Past: At 21.20 the police arrived at the scene and it is reported that salt implements were placed on the exit road. The damaged lamppost will be inspected later.

Police said six cars collided on the E18 at Rugtvedt in Bombay at around 8pm on Monday. No one is expected to be injured, but two lampposts were badly hit, according to the police operations manager.

The sequence of events behind the crash is still unknown, but there are reports of extremely challenging driving conditions on the entry and exit lanes.

Sometimes the exit is completely closed. No one was injured, but several vehicles had to be recovered.

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They have warned for several days

The head of operations and maintenance for Westfold and Telemark County Municipality, Trond Hagstad, says the space has seen Christmas weather a long time coming. They already warned little Christmas Eve that this would happen.

– It will be hot in the lowlands, we’ll have to see how it goes. Keeping it up for more than several days at a time takes a toll on the crew, he adds:

– Everyone goes out and does their best.

Westfold and Telemark have mixed conditions. Hagstad says heavy rains and road slicks are a major challenge for plow crews. But they work to keep the roads open, but it’s hard to be on the road yourself.

– There are many train falls in the lower part of the district and as you get a little higher. It’s a bit wintery there, he says, and many trees are bent down by heavy snow.

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Case updated.