Expects government to return – VG

Expects government to return - VG
Sharpening the tone: LO President Becky Hessen Folsvik and NHO President Ole Eric Almlit at the NHO Annual Conference.

LO President Peggy Hessen Følsvik and NHO President Ole Erik Almlid are urging the government to provide provocative comments following the postponement of Ocean Space in Trondheim.


– It came like lightning from a clear sky. Glad we saw a good one Ocean air investment. Then NHO President Ole Eric Almlitt tells VG that you should come the next day and remove the precondition for success.

There has been strong opposition to the inclusion From the Labor Party And from Research communityAfter the government proposed to postpone the construction of the marine research center Ocean Space by 2025. The center will contribute, among other things, to seawater technology.

The NHO and LO were also criticized, and now they are sharpening the tone together at the NHO’s annual conference.

– LO and NHO stand together in this. We have made this very clear in our route maps. We need to maximize the natural benefits in Norway, which includes working with the sea, says Almlit.

– Do you expect them to return?

– We expect it very clearly, and we stand with many. That is a clear need. We are clear that this needs to be implemented.

Clear signal

Almlit says this is a completely wrong answer to the challenges of Norway and the rest of the world.

– Besides, he believes that if you do what you say and push this at the right time, you will get a lot of extra costs when you come this far in the process.

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LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik said he had recorded several reactions to the case during the day and hoped it would send a clear signal to the government.

– I hear the Prime Minister say today that he is ready to look at this again and I think it is positive. He says these are good signals.

Store has confirmed to NTB that it is ready to discuss the matter with Sorting and hear any reviews that may come.

– Do you expect them to do so?

– Yes, I have expectations for that. He says the overall need is for the government to look at this again.

– Miss opportunities

Følsvik does not go so far as to call the hub a prerequisite for seawater investment.

– But this is an important part of the technological development that we believe will happen in Norway. He says we will not only be power producers, but also create new businesses and new jobs.

He says the government must also ensure that there are research and development environments in Norway that can take us.

– I think that including a deferred wind turbine investment can lead to a rapid loss of opportunities that we cannot miss.

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