‘Extreme Makeover’ star Ty Pennington has been hospitalized

‘Extreme Makeover’ star Ty Pennington has been hospitalized
After a wild weekend with the premiere of Barbie and a planned TV taping, Pennington was taken to the hospital on Tuesday night.

Ty Pennington, 58, of the US version of “Extreme renovation” shared the disease’s message on Instagram on Friday.


Despite a dramatic week, the 58-year-old is promoting the ‘Battle on the Beach’ season.

In the post, he sums up the week:

– She walked the red carpet on Sunday for the Barbie premiere. On Monday I flew to Colorado to shoot a movie, and on Tuesday night I woke up at 4 because I couldn’t breathe, the presenter wrote.

Pennington has been suffering from a sore throat in recent weeks. On Tuesday came the shock message: one abscessabscessPus buildup or boil. His throat had grown so large that it had blocked his airway.

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– Suddenly a snake hit me in the throat, and I was taken to the intensive care unit in Denver, he continues.

He underwent surgery on Wednesday and was released from hospital Thursday afternoon.

In the Instagram post, he thanks the health professionals at St. Anthony’s in Lakewood and calls out to his followers.

An important reminder to listen to your body when it’s telling you something.

In the post, Pennington showed off his thumb from his hospital bed.

– Besides, though I was so sedated, it is good to see that I am still in the right state of mind, and he concludes with a twinkle in his eye.

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Pennington is a high-profile show host who actually broke through to the US version of Extreme Reading in 2004.

Bus Transfer: Here’s Pennington’s “extreme renovation” at its height.

Many may remember his famous slogan “Move that bus!”.

Since the successful makeup show, he has appeared on a number of reality shows.

Pennington visited Norway in 2012, where he filmed scenes for the series. Then he started a conversation with VGTV:


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