Fans threw themselves at the suspected shooter

Fans threw themselves at the suspected shooter

Two Kansas City Chiefs fans arrested a suspect after a shooting that occurred during a Super Bowl celebration

Trey Felter and Paul Contreras were both present when the victory parade rolled through Wednesday in Kansas City, Missouri, following the Super Bowl win.

The show was about to end when shots were fired into the crowd. So far, one person has been confirmed dead and 22 others injured. Among them are 11 children.

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Write that Felter and Contreras dealt with one of the three men police suspect had a role in the shooting Reuters.

They should be the two pictured in the clip you see at the top of this case.

According to Filter, he first heard a bang that he thought was fireworks.

But then he saw that people started running and that people were screaming that someone had a gun.

“I did the math and jumped on it,” Filter told the news agency.

– unacceptable

– We have now seen more mass shootings in 2024 than there are days in the year. It is unacceptable, US President Joe Biden wrote on X.

He writes that there must be an end to what he calls the “epidemic of violent shootings.”

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Football player Trey Smith (24 years old) was part of the team that won the Super Bowl, and celebrated the victory in Kansas City. The team was on its way off the stage at Etihad Stadium when the shooting started.

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He writes Good morning America (GMD).

Trey Smith

Trey Smith

Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman

– Security guards rushed to the players at the doors, told us to hurry, and said that this is not a joke – it is a life or death situation, he told GMA.

-No one will hurt you

Police said the shooting occurred near Union Station as fans were walking away from celebrating.

On the way to the team bus, Smith helped calm a hysterical boy.

“Nobody's going to hurt you,” Smith told the boy.

Chaos: People ran for their lives in Kansas City. Photograph: David Rennie/Reuters/NTB

Two of the suspects are minors

Three people were arrested following the incident. Two of the suspects are described as juveniles, while the third is an adult.

Kansas City Police say the shooting was not an act of extremism or terrorism.

– It was likely an altercation between several people that ended in gunfire, says Police Chief Stacey Graves.

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