Watch out, they're closing

Watch out, they're closing

Authy has been a widely used binary encryption solution for several years, and is one of the few solutions that has software for Windows and Mac.

It was abandoned several months earlier than the original plan

But on March 19 of this year, Windows and Mac software will be discontinued, so it's important to get another solution. Initially, the plan was for the support to end in August, but now it is happening earlier. Mobile apps will continue to work, while for desktop versions, it's up to services to notify users – so it looks to us He should Go to mobile apps:

“Advise your customers to switch to our mobile apps and share information on how to back up and sync their tokens across devices,” said Authy Twilio owner.

Google Authenticator has a solution that syncs seamlessly across devices, but be aware that the solution is not encrypted and Google doesn't offer software for Windows or Mac either. Also note that Authy lacks export options, so you'll have to disable 2FA where it's used first if you want to switch to another solution.

Authy Desktop applications for Windows and MacOS available or previously downloaded from as well as Linux applications will reach end-of-life (EOL) on March 19, 2024.


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