Father of two dies after GPS error

Father of two dies after GPS error

On Friday 30th September, 47-year-old Phil Paxon was supposed to come home from his daughter’s ninth birthday party in Hickory, North Carolina, USA, but he never got that far.

The next morning, the state police patrol found the 47-year-old dead in the wreckage of a car lying on its roof in a river. Paxson is survived by his wife and two daughters.

The Paxons now believe the accident could have been easily avoided, according to others People.

GPS tracking

On Tuesday, October 4, her 47-year-old mother-in-law, Linda McPhee Cowen, shared a post on FacebookWhere I explained parts of the sequence of events on the night of the accident.

She hints that Paxson’s GPS led the 47-year-old to a bridge that hasn’t been working for nine years.

Evenings were dark and rainy, GPS tracked him on a paved road toward a broken bridge. The bridge was destroyed nine years ago, but has not been repaired, writes McAvoy Koenig.

Father of Two: Phil Paxson is survived by his wife Alicia and two daughters.  Photo: GoFundmy

Father of Two: Phil Paxson is survived by his wife Alicia and two daughters. Photo: GoFundmy
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She further claims that there was no warning of any kind that the bridge was broken – no signs, no barriers.

Foreseeable catastrophe

Since the accident, Paxson’s wife, Alicia Paxson, herself has shared several photos of the accident bridge. Facebook pageplus articles on Dangerous Bridge dating back to 2014.

– This was a known danger. 2014!! predictable disaster. Phil had to lose his life to create awareness of it, she writes as a comment on one of the articles.

According to the online newspaper of the local TV station Queen City News The bridge was taken by water blocks back in 2013.

– Someone is in charge

North Carolina State Police reports that both barricades and banners were originally placed on the destroyed bridge, but must be removed.

– How did nine years pass without anything happening on the bridge, and why should it be him? Why should my children live without a father? who is in Charge? The widow says that someone is responsible.

According to Queen City News, police say it is not the responsibility of the state or local government to control the bridge. At the same time, the Secretary of State stated on his website that the company that built the bridge no longer exists.

Works with lawsuits

local TV station WSOC-TV He interviewed family attorney Bob Zimmerman. Tell them they are working on a potential wrongful death lawsuit and are in touch with real estate experts to determine who is responsible for the bridge.

Zimmerman also hypothesizes that Paxson used a GPS app for navigation, and confirms that many apps still create routes to drive across the broken bridge. This is despite the fact that local residents have sent notifications to several companies about it.

– People in the local community have warned that there is a risk to be rectified in 2020 and 2021, but nothing has been done, Zimmerman tells the TV station.

new barriers

According to WSOC-TV, divers are working to find the cell phone after the accident. The Paxson family wants GPS companies to stop sending road users to the bridge until it’s fixed again.

Local police have now asked the North Carolina Department of Transportation to erect new barriers. According to police officer Brian Black, this was originally supposed to be done by the bridge’s owner.

Someone has to erect some form of barricade in this area. Bridge owner, this is private property. He says this area is not held by the state.

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