Fatisha Williams, Pasha | Fetisha Williams received an unexpected request: – Convince me

Fatisha Williams, Pasha |  Fetisha Williams received an unexpected request: – Convince me

Norway has a sea of ​​good singing voices, and now they're joined by none other than influencer Vitisha Williams (30).

Having left a long year behind her, she is already on her way to conquer 2024 with the podcast “Fetisha + 1” on Podimo, where she talks without any filters about everything between heaven and earth.

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But she caused a stir on Friday when she made her debut as an artist when an old rap song from 2017 got new life.

– He first said no

Rap icon Pasha invited Williams to the remake of his 2017 hit “Oslo Bitches.” With Williams on the track, a more disco-friendly song is presented.

“All the Oslo bitches on my dick / Talk a lot, but I can't tell you bullshit / I pull up, damn it, then I dip / I heard you”Williams and Pasha sing in unison on the song.

Watch a clip from the music video with Fatesha and Pasha below!

Williams told Nettavisen that it all started when the rapper called her and wanted her to scream some different sounds and words through the song.

– I answered yes immediately. It's Pasha, of course I want that,' says Williams.

However, the hours spent in the studio turned into good moments, and suddenly the rapper made an unexpected request if she didn't want to sing in the choir as well.

– That was not the intention at all. At first I said no, because I'm not a singer. “I don't want to embarrass myself,” but then they convinced me and said they could remove it if nothing good happened.

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Pasha told Nettavisen that he was pleased with Williams' contribution to the song.

-I thought it would be nice to have a feminine “touch” to it. Not everyone understood the irony of singing “Oslo Bitches on My Cock,” so I brought it into the studio and soon after it was “Sausage,” he says.

Lack of talent

Williams comes from a musical family, but says she only inherited the ability to perform on stage, not necessarily the same natural talent for singing that her father inherited.

-I always thought it looked fun, but you have to have talent, she laughs.

Although the song has only been released since midnight, Williams has received good feedback.

– People say it's a duet they didn't imagine, but they really dug it, so it's fun.

When asked if guest performing on “Oslo Bee” had given her more taste for doing similar projects, she said more practice was needed first.

– It would have been fun, but I don't really have any talent. “I don't know if I'll be releasing any music of my own in the near future, I have to honestly admit,” she says with a laugh.

Whether we can expect to see Williams performing the song on stage in the near future is alcohol to decide:

The problem is that I suffer from stage fright. Maybe if I had some devices on board, lol.

– I try to convince her to join, but she says she suffers from stage fright. I don't think so, Pasha answers.

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