Karina Dahl is out of ‘Star Wars’ – we reviewed the song for the song – VG

Karina Dahl is out of 'Star Wars' - we reviewed the song for the song - VG

In the last hurdle of the semi-final, Karina Dahl from “Star Wars” stumbled.


Dahl had a little tough competition in the penultimate “Star Wars,” but he can still be proud of coming far in the competition.

– This exceeded all expectations. I am very proud and happy. A big thank you to everyone who voted and supported me, Dahl says on NRK Radio, after it turned out she was not going to get a place in the final.

She is by no means bitter.

– This is very good. I give the two a place here in the final, says Dall.

Among the finalists, Alexandra Rutan was the most impressive this Saturday.

Rotan has introduced five dice to VG references with each of its shows, with big bands and musicals as genres, respectively.

Reviewer Marius Asp wrote after Rotan’s version of “New York,” New York.

Bjorn Toomrin rolled four dice with Frank Sinatra’s classics “You Make Me Feel So Young” and “Moon River”.

For the Karina Dal part, there were three by three.

VG reviewer Marius Asp praised Dahl for her pick-me-up with the song “I Get a Kick Out of You”. “Dahl looks elegant and is dressed surprisingly well to be behind the broadcast orchestra. But vocally, that doesn’t quite fit,” says Aspe.

Dahl finished with the song This Is Me from the musical “The Greatest Showman.”

“It is noted that Karina Dahl believes in what she sings, and empathy is a must in this particular expression. Unfortunately, all of this unfolds relatively quickly. She misses more tones than you do”, sums up Asp in his review.

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The viewers’ verdict was the same: Alexandra Rutan and Bjorn Tomerin made it to the finals in “Star Wars,” while Karina Dahl exited the elimination.

Here you can make your judgment by rolling the dice:

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