Record review: Honey Babies – «Animation»: Miserable Nectar – VG

Record review: Honey Babies - «Animation»: Miserable Nectar - VG
SØRLANDSMAFIA: The Honey Kids didn’t take the job seriously when they had to cover Eros Ramazzotti.

album: rock
honey babies
(new eggs)

Furious, intense, and clever about the impossibility – and necessity – of trying to live an authentic life on the edge of a civilizational abyss.

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“Animorphs” is hinted at in the title of Honey Children’s sixth studio album (according to Wikipedia) in a science fiction book series for children and young adults, where a group of friends must transform into animal characters to save Earth from aliens with suspicious intentions.

The band themselves say “Chaos and control, boredom and kicks, dreams and nervous system, joy and aggression where the only constant is that we’re not like the album’s dogma.”

However, one doesn’t rule out the other, and it’s tempting to hear this album as one cliffhanger Before the battle between good and evil really happened – with worse odds in favor of the former.

Frontman and lyricist Eduard Fahlberg have long been the artistic spearhead of Hunenbarna and would-be Achilles’ heel – a toxic, effective and at times unique, but sometimes also the moody, lifeless conditional carpenter of Suerland’s distinct Tuesday.

In the movie Animorphs find out, meaning there’s probably nothing to be discovered. These texts belong to his most complex, witty, poetic, and disillusioned texts to date in his career—colored metaphors, the raw one-line and startling formulas (“I’m probably going to die well/enjoy in the meantime”) Valberg widens her lyrical wings, in While the setting of the world has not changed.

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Musically speaking, the evolution is at least comforting. The introductory title track destroys everything in its track – including the next two, which feel a bit ordinary (especially Scandi rock “I Feel Like”). But from now on, this stomp promises – in the best possible sense.

Highlights include the love-sick “Oh bliss”, the crackling “Avanti” and the beautiful “One of Us is an Idiot,” which is much smarter than the title suggests. The epilogue “No Church” is a black metallic (!) version of a song by “Betty”.

The oldest song on the album dates back to pre-pandemic 2019, and still the best: “Carrots are a mosaic” is a useless swathe of society, but unfortunately the inevitable cornerstones – Friday entertainment, student loans, climate crisis oh Jesus and incels – While the music threatens to collapse under its weight and the heavy rhythm of bullets.

Erlend Mokkelbost and the rest of the aggressive soundtrack are optimally positioned around the sound scene, and the production contributes to the seven-mile artistic stride that can be heard from the 2011 Untouched Final to today—from punk to rock, with all the freedom it entails.

There are clearly more comfortable ways than this to face the end of the world. But be honest.

the best song: “Mosaic islands”

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