Filmed in secret – had to hide in the dressing room

Filmed in secret – had to hide in the dressing room

Celebrity doctor Kaveh Rashidi was “assaulted” by a hidden camera on sats by a woman who asked him about the vaccine. – Unpleasant, he says.

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So now I’m hiding in a dressing room in Chads, writes renowned doctor Kavi Rashidi Instagram About the episode at a training center in Oslo on Friday morning.

Rashidi tells VG that he was working out on an ab machine and was listening to a Berrum & Beyer podcast when the woman approached him.

– He says that it is not unusual for someone to come to me, so I thought at first that this would be good, or that she would correct my technique.

was followed

– You know what mRNA mRNA mRNA is the most common form of RNA. RNA is a copy of DNA that is used to make proteins from amino acids according to DNA’s recipe. An mRNA vaccine is a genetic vaccine based on the use of mRNA.she asked, and the girl became more and more aggressive, Rashidi says.

– I tried to go where others were, but she followed, he adds.

The woman asks if Rashidi will apologize to the anti-vaccine activists she believes she instigated.

The woman also gives examples of people who are believed to have become ill or died from the vaccine.

– At the end I said sorry and she asked me if I wanted to say sorry to “everyone”. Then I saw her shooting, says Rashidi.

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Viji has seen the video confirming what Rashidi is saying.

– Doctor says it’s an unpleasant experience.

Shooting is not allowed

Rashidi reported the incident to SATS, who praised him for handling the situation well.

Tina Brodel, PR manager at Chats, confirmed the incident to VG and says they have been in touch with Rashidi and the woman involved.

– We have safety and well-being rules to follow. Prodel says filming other members is not allowed without permission.

Viji has been in touch with the woman who filmed Rashidi at the gym, who has criticized the doctor.

The woman admits she filmed it, but says it wasn’t “undercover”.

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