Finn refuses to sell it

Finn refuses to sell it reader ITavisen refuses to sell his movie “Flipper Zero”.

Pirate tools may not be sold

We’ve written about the hacking tool several times: first in March 2021 and then in April last year when it became known that the little hacking tool could be used to remotely open a Tesla charging hatch, among other things. “The cute little dolphin can hack most systems according to the developers with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) radio protocol and using GPIO pins that can be connected directly to other circuit boards. Plus, it has Bluetooth, space for a MicroSD card, USB-C, and infrared.” We wrote about it in 2021.

“It’s not necessary to use the Flipper Zero, of course, but given that the little hacking tool has components sold separately as components, and with built-in support for firmware updates, it’s probably a good bargain to increase interest in such things,” we wrote about the device in April. Regarding the Tesla case.


The Norwegian we spoke to wanted to sell it on the Finn second-hand market, but the product was not approved in the monitoring process. One of the emails the person shared with us reads, “We stop advertising goods we don’t want to advertise on our marketplace, and your ad unfortunately falls into that category.”

In the second email, Finn’s customer manager explains the same, but adds that: “Such goods have no respectable purpose other than criminal/illegal purposes and are therefore one of the products we don’t want on our platform.

Meanwhile, without comparison otherwise, you can send Adolf Hitler’s leather “Mein Kampf” for free for NOK 45,000, our guide pointed out. Finn has a point of view that this is a tool that can be used for hacking, but there are also many people who play with these for fun, and it is also possible to use everything from cell phones, PCs, laptops, and all the other things that are sold on Finn, to hack .

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