Forest fires and the risk of forest fires | Danger Warning Rating for Trondheim: – Probably not that long ago

Forest fires and the risk of forest fires |  Danger Warning Rating for Trondheim: – Probably not that long ago

– says meteorologist on duty Pente Wahl at the Institute of Meteorology to Nidaros on Monday afternoon, it looks very dry ahead.

The weather forecast shows hints of rain on Monday afternoon, before the long-term forecast shows a dry, warm end to a wet, cold month of June.

– It probably won’t be long before it dries up so much that there is a risk of wildfires.

Facts about wildfires

  • The emergency number 110 should be reported as soon as possible.
  • At the initial stage, most wildfires can be extinguished with simple means.
  • While waiting for help, you can start the firefighting business yourself, but don’t take any chances.
  • Get out of the area before the flames surround you.

How to put out a forest fire

  • Breaking or cutting down a small hardwood tree about two meters high.
  • Remove the twigs from the bottom so you are left with a tassel at the top.
  • Don’t hit, but try to clear the flames again.
  • You can also use sand or blankets to try to put out the flames.
  • If there is water and buckets available, it’s just a matter of drinking.

(Source: Directorate of Community Safety and Emergency Preparedness)

Orange danger level

The fine weather has already brought with it bushfire risks ‘in the south’, with increased risk and orange risk level reported on Saturday in both eastern Norway, Agder and southern Rogaland. It has also been increased to orange in large parts of southern Norway.

– Now there is hardly a place in Vestfold where the use of fire clearly cannot cause a vegetation fire, Fire Chief Olaf Pettersen of the Vestfold inter-municipal fire service wrote on Twitter over the weekend.

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So far, there is only an orange warning for Røros in Trøndelag. But this may change in the future.

– I can see it’s starting to affect my models in Trøndelag. Especially in the interior, but also on the coast, says the meteorologist, and adds:

– You should not ignore the fact that there is a warning of danger.

you have a call

To decide whether to send a hazard warning to Trøndelag, the Meteorological Institute is in contact with the local fire service, which has a better overview of how dry it is.

How long does it take to dry before sending a warning?

– It’s hard to say. It depends on how much rain fell earlier and how much wind that day. You can’t say, “If it’s dry for 14 days, there’s a risk of wildfire,” it’s more complicated than that.

It also depends on the time of year, and how much it appears, Wahl adds.

– But it is clear that when two or three weeks without rain begin, the degree of danger increases.

Nidaros was in contact with Trondelag Fire and Rescue Service, which is sending to the Prevention Department for comment. Everyone went there for today.

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