From “Farmen Kindness”: – Completely extinguished

From “Farmen Kindness”: – Completely extinguished

The despair was great when the first eliminated participant of the year had to pack his bags.


The first week of “Farmen kjendis” has now ended, and with Bahare Viken (30 years old) as the top farmer, real-life profiler Cristian Brennhovd (24 years old) has been chosen as the first champion of the season.

For the duel, Brynhovd chose musician and comedian Egil Skurdal (28) as the second champion. After three rounds of ax throwing practice, the former was finally the one to get another week on the farm.

– “The Farm” was my big dream. But I did my best. Dueling was much more mentally exhausting than life on the farm. It has been completely shut down, Skordal wrote in an email to VG.

Christian Brynhovd got five points in ax throwing, while Egil Skordal got three points.

The 28-year-old says he sums up his week in Li gård as “absolutely fantastic”, and brought a host of new friendships back home.

-You changed my life. After years of depression and emotional numbness, I finally felt like I cared about something again. That I missed someone again. I wanted to come back again. Thank you for this!

– What did you learn about yourself during your stay on the farm?

-I stress a lot in everyday life. I think it's important to care about those around you. That life is actually a big blast!

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    Egil Skordal got a good hug from Björg Thorhalsdottir after his loss to Christian Brynhovd,

Skurdal says the most challenging thing about “Farmen kjendis” is the sudden change in the way he lives. Suddenly he found himself without his usual means of relaxation.

-If you are sad, you have been feeling this way all day. A little TV and snacks to console yourself with, he explains.

    Anne Cat.  Hærland, Cato Zahl Pedersen, Sander

Even though Skordal was smoking for the first week on the farm, that didn't necessarily mean his journey was over.

The eliminated participants once again have a fighting chance to return to the farm from “Torpet”, where Vebjørn Selbekk (54), Alexander Sæterstøl (28) and Dora Thorhallsdottir (50) are already present.

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Selbekk and Sæterstøl both went out in the final week of the “Farmen kjendis” season last year.

See Anne Cat. Herland demands (51) to produce “Farmen kendis”:


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