General Spellman. Model Year – VG

General Spellman.  Model Year - VG
Meet the Stars: Girl In Red was awarded the Spellemann Award by Billie Eilish.

Girl In Red is not just a pop artist. She is also a global role model.


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Two key moments in Norwegian music globally last year: TikTok users embraced Aurora’s song “Runaway”. Taylor Swift Referred To Girl In Red Album “If I Could Make It Quiet” just awesome To 2 million followers on Instagram.

That’s not (only) why Girl in Red has been named “Spellman of the Year.”

It’s still part of the story.

See all of this year’s Spellemann Prize winners here.

One of the fastest success stories in Norwegian music began with Marie Olven (20 years old) winning Untouched of the Year at P3, in a short time dating back to fall 2018.

Three and a half years later, the 23-year-old has been more prominently represented at Coachella and covered more in international media than national media. She is a noted artist in both the newspaper and the New York Times.

And now “Spellemann of the Year” as well as the most winning ukulele bronze winner of the 2021 Music Year.

For the album she released under her own name, mainly with the help of Mattias Tellez – and on “Serotonin”, Billie Eilish’s brother: Finneas.

A clever and slightly introverted indie pop album, unlike what is commonly thought of as the pop music of our time. as it is.

Otherwise, how do I explain that “If I Can Make It Quiet” is the most-nominated in the history of the Awards?

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Marie Olvin has used her attention to be open about her personal scripts, about role models, about her mental health and her life as a role model. She described her music as gay music.

Now “Do you listen to a girl in red” is a popular international password for “Are you a lesbian”? This is how she conveys her self-confidence to the public. This is how she goes from being an artist to a global phenomenon.

Which is why it seemed almost ordinary that she was awarded the prize by one of the greatest artists in the world at the moment, Billie Eilish.

Then you can of course consider if Chris Holsten is also some sort of “Spellemann of the Year”. He’s at least one of the artists who’ve worked really hard in recent years, and he’s now behind “Song of the Year” for two years in a row (thank God there wasn’t a cover song this year either).

Or whether Aurora, winner of the “International Success of the Year” award, will soon reach the “Player of the Year” – having been a hub in “Frost 2” and later spreading across the world with “Runaway”.

Her seven-year-old song, which made a huge splash on TikTok in early 2020/2021, has currently raised the play rate metric on Spotify to 487 million plays.

Much more than the total of Girl in Red’s debut album, which totaled 332 million after being out for barely a year.

But then “If I Can Make It Quiet” is also so much more than “just” an album.

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