Gal Gadot takes self-criticism after stunt video: – Tasteless – VG

Gal Gadot takes self-criticism after stunt video: - Tasteless - VG
Star: Gal Gadot, here at the “Red Notice” premiere in Los Angeles in November of last year.

Gal Gadot (36), Natalie Portman (40) and other celebrities who sang “Imagine” in the spring of 2020, got Pepper. Gadot is now talking about the explosion.


The Corona pandemic had just spread and hit the entire world when movie star Gal Gadot, along with fellow actors like Natalie Portman, Jamie Dornan, Kristen Wiig, Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Kravitz, discovered that they should put the world to rest.

It was not entirely successful. The New York Times He made a comment claiming that “this was not something the world needed in a time of crisis.”

The intention was only good, but you didn’t always get there, Gadot now tells the magazine in style.

Gadot herself had been in quarantine for six days when she came up with the idea of ​​inviting famous friends to sing John Lennon’s classic “Imagine”, from each of their residences, which was filmed with a portable camera.

The video clip and the idea, “We stand together and we’ll get through this together,” was introduced to Gadot’s more than 70 million followers on Instagram in this clip:

But the reactions were very divided. Soon, the video spread on YouTube and Twitter, where he was harassed. Also in the comments section below Gadot’s own post, many celebrities have been called “hypocrites.”

«This did not go well“, I finish Washington Post.

The criticism was that the elite famous for their privileged status could not properly understand the challenges of ordinary people when the world shuts down.

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Many thought it was ridiculous for wealthy stars to sing “Imagine no posessions.”Norwegian: Imagine no assets) ».

Israel-born Gadot realizes the scam, which has so far been viewed more than 10.6 million times on Instagram, was unfortunate. The Wonder Woman actor calls it “premature” and refers to the pandemic that ravaged Israel and Europe before hitting the United States in the same way.

– I saw what it would be like, but it wasn’t the right time, she says about the video.

– It was not true, it was tasteless.

However, the 36-year-old explains that there and GiveI felt right.

– I’m not a good person either. I wanted to punch a hole in the bubble and thought this was a good opportunity, she says.

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