Game TV2 | TV 2 with a new realistic concept: These are the participants in the “game”.

Game TV2 |  TV 2 with a new realistic concept: These are the participants in the “game”.

On Tuesday, TV 2 presents its new entertainment project “The Game”, where a fine line-up of celebrity participants will be pushed to the limits in the pursuit of status, power and influence.

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The 12 players are transported to a secret destination. There they will live together completely unaware of what they are supposed to do and what rules will apply.

The house will be their home for the next twelve days, and they will be photographed around the clock. There is no way to hide here. The game is led by a sound called the cube.

The game is unfair and challenges participants' social strategies, mental strength, logic, personal and cooperative character. Every day they face a new game and subsequent elimination. No one knows which strategy is best.

It is the players themselves who decide who should leave the villa. In the end, only one player remains the winner, thus securing the amount of money he earned through the game.

These are the participants:

Danbi Choi (30)

Topic editor and author Danbi Choi is among the contestants participating in the new reality concept, and there is no doubt that he will win when he makes his reality debut.

He is willing to play the game, and believes that one must be quite cunning to pull it off.

– It will be interesting to see how cunning people are willing to win. It's a social game as I understand it, as long as the framework is provided, I'll play the game, he told Nettavisen before signing up.

Choi made no secret that he found the concept interesting, and that he was happy to be exposed to situations where he had no control over what might come.

“The fact that I don't know anything is part of the excitement of it,” Choi said.

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However, before recording began, the editor already envisioned a potential challenge.

Choi likes to be surrounded by luxury, and he fears that the house he will spend the next twelve days in will be difficult.

– It will be exciting to come there and share the room with many others. If I had to sleep on one bed like you do in camp school, that would be my biggest problem, he laughed and added:

-But maybe I can manage that.

Annette Huff (62)

Actress Annette Huff makes her real-life debut when she appears on television in “The Game.”

Hof has made it no secret that she is very excited, and not least a little nervous because she doesn't know what awaits her.

– I know very little and it is very difficult. “It's the first time in my life that I dare to take on such a challenge, so I feel very brave,” she told Netafsen.

Despite the fact that the reality concept involves competition, she still hopes that it will be relaxing and reminiscent of a vacation colony.

“I could be completely wrong then,” she said, laughing.

For the 61-year-old actor, agreeing to participate in a reality show was not a given. It took a long meeting with TV 2 before she dared to say yes.

– You've made it clear that I'm the wrong person if the concept is similar to other programs out there. “The most important thing to me is that it be an entertainment program for the family,” she said.

Hof is married to actor Niels Ole Oftebro (79), who worked, among other things, as a presenter on the show “Robinson's Journey” in the late 1990s. Huff can say she received good advice from her husband when it came to participating in the reality show:

– Those who manage to have a positive attitude all the time are the ones who do the best. It also requires being a raw strategist, but I don't know if I have that in me.

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Eric Thorstveit (61)

Former footballer and current football expert, Erik Thorstveit, also threw himself into a challenge he had no idea about.

Displaying a big question mark that has angered one of Norway's best ever football goalkeepers.

– I thought it was really cool that I didn't know anything, which is a big plus. “In a very planned everyday life, it is very interesting to end up in uncharted waters, something you rarely experience in modern times,” he said enthusiastically.

Thorstvedt hasn't set up anything in particular, but he believes getting into an open net is the strategy that suits him.

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In his daily life, he plays a lot of chess on his mobile phone, which he believes makes him a little sharper. Meanwhile, the 61-year-old admits he may have a weakness that could bring him down.

– I am not good at reading others. He revealed that I usually trust what people say and don't analyze much more than that.

Henrik Fladseth (34)

Like Thorstvedt, comedian and actor Henrik Fladseth thought the new TV 2 project looked exciting.

– This is a big investment here and there are many reality concepts where you can know what will happen. “The fact that we don't know anything here except the fact that it's a kind of social game seems very interesting to me,” Fladseth said.

Fladseth believes that it is human and social skills that apply in competition, not physical attributes.

He prepared to easily take turns and evaluate situations well before acting. It's important to prepare mentally, and no matter what may happen along the way, it's probably not that bad.

-I know it won't be that bad. What's the worst that could happen? “There are twelve people in the room, and there can't be too many surprises,” he said.

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Line Andersen (50)

The show's host and former NRK profiler, Line Andersen, broke her promise when she took part in “The Game.”

Andersen appeared for the first time on “71 Degrees North” in 2022, and promised himself not to participate in a reality show again after that.

– I said I wouldn't do that again. Initially I was never going to be on any reality show, I was just going to be on “71 Degrees North” and I was very happy with that.

– But then TV 2 called and then I thought “Dad, it's so boring sitting at home after Christmas, there's someone else also sitting there and having a lot of fun in that house,” she told Nettavisen.

In addition to the above, these celebrities are present in the upcoming reality show “The Game” which will be shown on television on February 23:

Ida Elise Broch (36)

Martha Levstad (29)

Martin Lundy (27)

Steven Eriksen (59)

Hermann Dahl (21)

Victoria Shaw (24)

Vidar Magnussen (45)

The series comes from South Korea, and has been bought by several countries around the world, but TV 2 is now the first to make it outside the home country.

– “The Game” is a very innovative and exciting idea, and we hope that viewers will like it. Not only is the competition itself exciting, but we also have a fantastic group of participants. This will be a nerve-wracking ride through twelve episodes, says Trygve Ronningen, TV 2's program editor and content strategy director.

-We are very much looking forward to showing “The Game” to our viewers. “This is something they have never seen before on Norwegian screens,” Ronningen continues.

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