Gearing up for another intense summer: – Weather is not guaranteed

Gearing up for another intense summer: – Weather is not guaranteed

HOT: From the beach in the Spanish town of Villa Joyosa on the Costa Blanca, Spain, during a heat wave that hit the country in July. Photo: Gisle Oddstad / VG

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges Norwegian citizens to be aware of the risk of civil unrest and extreme heat when booking summer holidays.

Last year, forest fires and heat waves ravaged southern Europe.

Summer this year can Becomes very hot. Although it is still a bit early to say anything for sure about the summer weather.

– We receive more inquiries from people who want to cancel their holiday because they are afraid, says Hilde Øverby, product manager at If Europeiske Reiseforsikring.

Hilde Øverby
<-Hilde Øverby

– Travel insurance will not be canceled due to fear. It doesn't come with a weather guarantee, says Øverby.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Travel and Insurance will now prepare Norwegians ahead of the summer holidays. The background is a very complex world and climate change.

UD: Be prepared

– Norwegian citizens should take the world situation to heart, the risk of civil unrest and extreme heat, says Kristin Travik.

He heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' operations center, which is the first point of contact for Norwegians abroad if they need help.

Christine Trawick
<-Christine Trawick

– We don't want to discourage anyone from traveling. Most trips go well, but it can go much better with a few simple preparations, Travik says.

Here are some good tips:

  • Check the Ministry of External Affairs Travel information About the country you are visiting. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also has a travel advisory, but this only applies to countries or areas where travel is advised against.
  • Report at About where you are going to travel.
  • Keep your documents in order! Valid passport, travel insurance, any visa and vaccinations.
  • Check and follow the advice of local authorities.
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Mary-Ann Sacrison, manager of travel agency Wing, said July was still the most popular holiday month, but more people were choosing to postpone their trips until after the worst of the heat.

– September seems to be the most popular month. There are natural disasters every year, but most people are aware of the heat, says Zachrison.

– If you want to be well taken care of when such incidents occur, it is wise to choose a serious tour operator. The Package Travel Act sets clear requirements for tour operators, says Jackrison.

Mary-Ann Jackrison
<-Mary-Ann Jackrison

Hilde Øverby at IF points out that the heat can pose more challenges for some groups.

– Especially people with young children or people with underlying diseases should think about it a bit more, says Øverby.

As with Scouting, the motto “Always Prepared” applies.

– You may encounter scary situations that make you want to cancel your trip. But that fear is the risk you take when you travel, because insurance won't automatically cover the return trip for that reason, says Øverby.

More extreme weather

2023 was the hottest year on record. Europe is the fastest-warming continent, according to new figures from the European Union.

– We have to take this one more time, as a forecast of the world we are going to have a very extreme climate, and there is no change, Hans Olav Hygen, a researcher at the Center for Meteorology, told VG when the figures came out.

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