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Ronja Fridén foran det gule skapet hun hadde i garderoben det første året på Gauldal videregående.

This year, there is a higher proportion of women opting for male-dominated vocational subjects in construction and construction engineering and technical and industrial subjects.

The proportion of women in construction engineering is 11 per cent and in technical and industrial subjects 18 per cent. The government A Press release.

Never before have more women applied for these programs than this year.

At Goldall High School, this year so many girls applied for vocational courses that they once again had to build a new girls wardrobe.

– Now I had to expand the wardrobe park for women. When we started here four years ago, we started with one changing room for women, then there were two, now we have up to three rooms. There are many applicants, which is great.

That’s what Hilde Rudy Bratton, assistant principal at Goldal High School, says.

Hilde Rudi Bråten is very satisfied with the number of girls who come to the school’s vocational courses in the autumn.

Photo: Jøte Toftaker / NRK

– Safety in having women around

One of those who made a slightly unconventional choice was Ronja Friedan. He is studying technology and industry at Goldall High School and will start his sophomore year in August.

Ronja chose a vocational course because she grew up with her brothers and socialized a lot with them and their friends.

– I enjoyed engaging in the various practical things they do at home in the evenings, she says.

She feels that it is better for more women to try such male-dominated subjects.

– There is some security in having women around.

Ronja Frieden in front of a lathe.

Ronja feels that by attending a vocational course, she learns more than just the quality of a woman. He points out that he will gain more skills that he will use later and improve upon.

Photo: Jøte Toftaker / NRK

The school is not big and has about 300 students. In recent years, nearly 50 women have completed their first year in civil engineering and technical and industrial subjects.

Bratton believes the statistics show that women are looking for what they really want, without too much influence from others.

– I think women are very conscious of the choices they make, so if they choose something a little non-traditional, they have a plan in front of them.

Using women to inspire women

The school is actively working to improve gender balance in vocational subjects. They use, among other things For women doing vocational subjects to speak and role models for women who want to start vocational subjects.

That is, when Breton goes out and markets vocational courses to girls about to start secondary school, she takes women who are working or already taking vocational courses.

– They stand in work clothes. Helmets are worn. Maybe they hang a hammer in their side pocket. They talk a little about what it’s like to be in a company, what it’s like to be in vocational training, how they get, how they grow.

Hilde Rudi Breton and Ronja Frieden are next to each other in a room full of machines you use when you study technology and industry.

At Goldall High School, they use the County Championship as a teaching method. In Industrial Mechanics course, this year they got N.M. A girl in sixth class won it.

Photo: Jøte Toftaker / NRK

Additionally, they ensure that women studying vocational subjects in the same school know each other. Previously, they combined all grades, but now there are so many girls that they divide them into first and second grades.

– Then they meet, they get to know each other and talk a little about what it’s like to be a girl.

– Leaning forward at work

The Directorate for Children, Youth and Families (Bufdir) commends the school’s work on gender equality.

– We think that Kaldal Upper School is very forward-leaning in its efforts to recruit and retain women, not least in vocational subjects, says Anna Bjorshol.

He is the Departmental Director at Baftir.

They feel that it is important for girls to freely choose their education without thinking about what is suitable and what is not. In the long term, she believes this will contribute to the less gender-segregated working life in Norway, which she says we have today.

Baftir believes that the way Gouldal High School has worked will be an inspiration to other schools across the country.

– These are relatively simple measures, but they have a big effect – we believe, says Bjorshol.

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