Gonnella and Erika Persson: revealed through new documents

Gonnella and Erika Persson: revealed through new documents

Gunilla Persson (65 years old) became a familiar face through the series “Swedish Hollywood Wives” which was on screen from 2009 to 2019. Through the series, you will also get to know Gunilla Persson’s daughter, Erika Persson (21 years old).

The 65-year-old raised her daughter by herself, and her father wasn't in the picture for most of her growing up. His identity has always remained secret.

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– I can't really comment on that, but neither I nor my mother receive financial support from my father, as Erica previously told Aftonbladet.

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She has it now Express I obtained documents that allegedly reveal details about Erica's father who is here.

The Swedish newspaper wrote that the father is an American businessman and billionaire in his nineties, and is included in Forbes' list of the 400 richest people in America.

- It cannot be implemented without!

– It cannot be implemented without!

According to Expressen, the documents state that: “(The man) admitted that he was Erika’s father” and according to Gonnila, they had a relationship that lasted several years.

This information is said to have come to light in 2015, when Gunilla filed a request with a US court seeking more money from the businessman.

Until then, he is said to have been paying Gunilla 100,000 Swedish krona a month, an amount the 65-year-old believes is not compatible with “the lifestyle that Erika should live given her father’s wealth.”

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Her “Swedish Hollywood Wives” profile should be accompanied by a monthly calculation of how much she and Erika live in the United States. The total figure was SEK 800,000, which then includes rent, domestic help, restaurant visits and expenses that go to the daughter's benefit.

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Roper's wedding plans

Roper's wedding plans

Expressen has been in contact with Gunilla Persson, who does not wish to comment on the information.

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