Gossip Girl star Michelle Trachtenberg made a fuss:

Gossip Girl star Michelle Trachtenberg made a fuss:

Actress Michelle Trachtenberg, 38, is perhaps best known for giving life to the scheming and icy Georgina Sparks in “Gossip Girl.” She has also been seen in the hit series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and the comedy '17 Again'.

Trachtenberg regularly shares updates from her life to her 786,000 Instagram followers, and recently the star has been sharing photos that have fans sounding the alarm.

– It will be a new life

“Your eyes are yellow”

Last week, the star shared a photo on Instagram with fellow actress Alexa PenaVega, 35.

“These kids, now adults, will fix the afterlife!” “I love this girl,” Trachtenberg wrote on Instagram of a photo of the two.

But in the comments section, what's catching attention is something completely different about the star's hair. Many point out that Trachtenberg is almost unrecognizable.

“Michelle, you look sick. Are you okay?” one fan writes.

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She does not interpret this as a consideration.

“Explain to me how sick I look. Have you lost your braces and don't realize I'm not 14? I'm 38. Very sad that you left such a comment,” Trachtenberg responds.

Following this, the '17 Again' actor shared several selfies on the photo-sharing service, and the comments continue to pour in.

“Girl, we dig you. Your eyes are yellow. It's worrying. No hate from here I'm just really worried about you,” one comment read.

“You don't look good.” One follower advises seeing a doctor.

“Clearly something is wrong,” says another.

Many media outlets have covered the case, including: H! News.

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- Going to eat the placenta

– Going to eat the placenta

At the weekend, the 38-year-old once again chose to respond to the comments. On Saturday, she posted a selfie on Instagram with the following caption:

“I've received several comments recently about my appearance. I've never had plastic surgery. I'm happy and healthy. Focus on yourselves, haters.”

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I started when I was three years old

Trachtenberg was just three years old when she appeared on screen for the first time, then in a commercial for cleaning products.

Since then, she has directed many successful films and series, including “Gossip Girl.”

Last year, Trachtenberg returned to the role of Georgina Sparks in two episodes of the remake of the final season of Gossip Girl.

Since then, Trachtenberg has been quiet since she produced and directed the true crime documentary series “Meet, Marry, Murder” in 2021.

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