– Government cannot impose it on him – V.G

- Government cannot impose it on him - V.G
On the way home: Viggo Christiansen was picked up by his father Sven when he was released

The defense of acquitted Viggo Kristiansen says Kristiansen will not pay compensation to his dead parents in the Baneheia case.

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When the Baneheia case went to court, Viggo Kristiansen was sentenced to pay a large sum of money in compensation to his dead parents.

In total, he owes almost 1.7 million to the parents of Lena Slogedal Paulsen (10) and Stine Sophie Sørstronen (8).

He was ordered to pay certain sums jointly and severally with John Helge Anderson.

Now Christiansen’s defense attorney, Arvid Sjodin, says Christiansen will contest the damages.

– In that case, we will not accept any payment for the next of kin, Sjodin tells VG.

Defenders: Arvid Sjodin and Bjorn Andre Gulstad are Viggo Christiansen’s defenders.

May appear in court

Arvid Sjødin confirms that they are now going to petition to reopen the compensation judgment. In other words, the compensation claim disappears.

– Viggo Kristiansen can’t sit back and pay for something he didn’t do. Sjodin says the government cannot impose it on him.

If the parents want to confirm the compensation award, there will be full civil proceedings in court.

In other words, Viggo Kristiansen will have to appear in court again. This time in a civil case.

– In that case, Viggo Kristiansen must present his evidence, says former Supreme Court judge Magnus Matningsdal.

Audun Beckstrom, the parents’ assistant attorney, says it’s too early for the family to comment on Christiansen, who does not want to pay restitution.

– We should come back when this is appropriate. We haven’t thought too much about it, and today is not the day to decide anything along these lines.

– It’s in the future, of course if it comes up you have to talk to the parents, says Bäckström.

Now Attorney General Jørn Sigurd Maurut is demanding the release of Vigko Kristiansen, the currently unsolved murder of Lena Slogedal Paulsen (10). Beckstrom emphasizes that the grieving now has more questions than answers.

– I think it’s hard to say that you’ve got a lot of good answers here. You don’t know exactly what happened. Now there is uncertainty about what happened at Panehia.

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Earlier Friday, Beckstrom did not comment on the guilt and what parents think about Vigko Christiansen today.

Different thresholds: Former Supreme Court judge Magnus Matningsthal says civil law and criminal law have different evidentiary requirements.

Different thresholds for acquittal

If Viggo Kristiansen is now acquitted of the Baneheia case, it does not mean that liability for damages automatically disappears.

– A former Supreme Court judge says that even if he is acquitted, that does not mean he is automatically absolved from liability for damages.

The reason is the different evidentiary requirements in civil law and criminal law.

While in criminal law it must be proved beyond all reasonable and reasonable doubt that the person concerned has done something before being convicted, in civil law only sufficient probability is required.

In other words, the person in question must be more than likely to have done it.

– This is not to say that the evidentiary requirement for the precondition of probability is not met without further ado, Mattingstahl clarifies.

The limitation period has expired

A civil compensation award was awarded in 2002.

Therefore, the 10-year limitation period in the Disputes Act may create problems, as in Viggo Christiansen. Birgit caused problems for Dengs cousin.

– Kristiansen essentially deals with the same issue as the Tengs case, Matningsdal says.

According to the Danish Dispute Act, the time limit for reopening civil cases, including compensation cases, expires after 10 years. The deadline is without exception.

Sjødin says they will argue that the case should be reopened under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights and Dispute Resolution.

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