– Great importance – E24

– Great importance – E24

Equinor has big plans to invest in offshore wind energy in the USA, and within a year the company will be expanding a port base in Brooklyn. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store believes the New York project could open more doors for the company.

Visit: Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store is currently in New York.

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BROOKLYN (E24): – We will begin construction in the summer of 2023, says Siri E. Kindem, Equinor’s Head of Offshore Wind USA, referring to the “South Brooklyn Marine Terminal.”

Space – formerly used to store Large white freezer containers during the onset of the pandemic in New York – Completely empty. But if all goes according to plan, the area will eventually be Equinor’s new wind turbine assembly and assembly facility.

The Norwegian oil and gas giant has so far won three offshore wind power contracts from New York state.

Empire Wind 1 and 2, due for completion in 2025 and Beacon Wind 1, to be completed in 2028, will be able to provide 3.3 gigawatts of capacity to New York’s power grid. It can provide electricity to two million families.

According to Equinor, it will also be able to create 5,200 jobs.

Less than two weeks ago, the company entered into agreements with the state of New York, where BP is Equinor’s strategic partner in development. The agreements are among the largest allocations to renewable energy in the United States ever.

Blank space: The rear area will be Equinor’s new wind turbine production facility.

“Technology, Equipment and Knowledge”

This matter is of great importance, says Store, who is currently in the world capital regarding Norway’s presidency of the Security Council, but on Monday he visited the planned production facility at Equinor in Brooklyn.

– It is noticeable that the Norwegian experience and expertise from the oil and gas era wins competitions in a major renewed chapter. It could be an important start for something that could give Equinor more opportunities in the United States and also in many countries.

my knowledge: Equinor wins giant new offshore wind contract in New York

What does Equinor’s investment say to Norway?

– Store says it has been the Norwegian workers in the supplier industry in the energy industry over the years who have produced this knowledge, and adds:

The fact that the technology, equipment and know-how of Norwegian companies producing offshore wind farms is an expression of what we can and can contribute internationally.

Tour: Støre with Siri E. Kindem, Equinor’s Head of Offshore Wind USA.

“Important market”

Both Biden administration New York State has set clear climate targets. This one has goals 9,000 MW of offshore wind by 2030 and 100 per cent zero-emission electricity supply by 2040.

Tomorrow’s energy system is renewable. I’ve met financial environments in New York who say investments are going in that direction, and the fact that Norway can say we have companies and employees who know this technology is an opportunity we should seize, says Store.

Climate goals for New York and the USA are something Equinor will benefit from, Kindem acknowledges.

The United States is an important market for us, and in the future we will participate in land auctions, she says and highlight California and other areas of New York.

We have ambitions as a company — and to achieve our goals, the United States will matter in the future.

Looking Ahead: Equinor wants to continue investing in the United States.

‘Knowing their responsibility’

from 2020 Dagens Næringsliv . Books About how the company lost more than NOK 200 billion on its oil and gas projects in the United States.

How will this affect investment in the United States in the future?

– We are humble in terms of the challenges ahead. But we use learning from the report and work on this every day. The New York projects have a slightly different starting point because we started projects early, we did an early sale to BP. In addition, we have a constant power agreementShe says and adds:

– But it would be strange if we did not use learning in the future.

When asked if Støre trusts Equinor’s additional investments in the USA, he answered as follows:

– This is an initiative that has a different approach than the previous ones – but my starting point is that the Board of Directors and management are aware of the responsibility they have to act in an orderly and appropriate manner and invest in areas that belong to the future. Obviously, this is an area like that.

Close programme: Store is in New York regarding the Norwegian presidency of the Security Council. On Monday, he visited Equinor’s planned production facility in Brooklyn.

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To secure the opportunity to advance to the expansion of Empire Wind, Equinor submitted a record high bid of $48 million – about 430 million kronor.

According to the plan, between 60 and 80 wind turbines will be developed – just in the south of Long Island.

So far, the strongest criticism has come from fishermen who fear that development will affect areas that have been important hunting grounds for several hundred years.

seas: Hunting family ready for battle against Equinor

We have already made changes to our design in Empire, to respond to the input. We’ve had about 250 meetings, so we have an ongoing dialogue — and I think that’s important as well, Kendim says when asked how they make it easier for development not to come at the expense of hunting.

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