Ground coffee or beans, which one can be used to extract?


Another drawback to ground coffee: you can’t use it for all the extractions you want.

And yes, if at home you have an espresso machine as well as a French press, you will not be able to buy a can of ground coffee and use it for these two extractions. In fact, the first requires a very fine grinding and the second requires a coarser grind.

If you want to use two coffee machines, you will have to buy two different cans of ground coffee. problem, so you will have to open two cans of ground coffee at the same time, while it is recommended to consume ground coffee very quickly with the pack opened! (See this right afterwards).

The advantage of whole coffee beans is that you choose when and grind them first of all! You can use the same coffee and grind it fine or coarse as you wish!

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Storing ground coffee or beans

Let’s talk about coffee storage. As suggested in the previous section, it is highly recommended that you consume the ground coffee quickly as soon as the package is opened. Also suitable for whole bean coffee, but this will oxidize much less quickly than ground coffee.

It is recommended to take a whole coffee bean within 5 weeks of roasting, and store it in a cool, dry place. After 5 weeks you will start to lose flavour. For ground coffee, it’s even worse! Therefore, true coffee lovers and baristas never and always use the grind they just made.

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The coffee beans retain their flavor and aroma for a longer time. Coffee, once ground, quickly loses its flavor and qualities. The decomposition of ground coffee is slightly slowed down by vacuum packages, but this will never be worth the coffee beans.

In any case, I strongly advise you to use the box below, which will allow the coffee to be stored in the best possible conditions.

The price

When it comes to price, there is not much difference between coffee and ground. It depends on the brands you buy and the stores that source them.

What is certain is that both are much cheaper than capsule coffee!

Here ! You know everything now! So I leave it up to you to choose between coffee grounds or coffee beans! But I think you understood … If you want high quality coffee, having preserved all its flavors and flavours, your choice should be coffee beans!

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