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Klimakunst, Acting for climate

He often does very poorly with climate as a theme in shows, says NRK theater reviewer Karen Frosland Nestwell.

In her review of “A Midnight Sun Dream” Earlier this year she noted that the show wanted a lot at once “with some kind of climatic background.” She believes it is one of the many examples of climate-themed shows attached.

Climate is so important that it must be properly addressed in art, says Karen Frosland-Nestwell.


– It’s a very important topic, of course. But it shouldn’t be a “decoration on the cake” just because it’s a current topic. It happens quite often, especially at shows aimed at youngsters.

Kids don’t need a lot of ideas about climate just because it’s such an important topic. They know the climate is important. Moreover, climate challenges are not the children’s fault, says Frosland Nestwell.

Climate artist react

Abigail Winsfold does not like this form of controversy. She is a member of a group that calls herself Climate Action – Which only displays shows with climate as a theme.

– The more people deal with climate and the environment in their performance, says Winsfold, the better.

– Does it matter what the technical quality will be?

There is always good and bad art. But we have to make art about what is the big and perilous topic of our time.

Climate Action Performing Arts Company.  Abigael Winsvold at the top of the photo.

The “Climate Action” gang is in action. Abigael Winsvold at the top of the photo.

Photo: Cosmin Kirstia

theater mission

You receive support in part from Subjekt’s theater reviewer, Cornelius Condrup Steinkjer.

One must be open to the fact that some artworks have the primary desire to convey something about climate, rather than convey a strong artistic expression, he says.

Cornelius Kondrop.

Cornelius Kondrop Stinger is a performing arts reviewer for the cultural newspaper Subject.

Photo: Aurora Henny Krug

Steinkjer explains that it is in the nature of theater to take on topics like this.

Frøsland Nystøyl also receives support – from someone who creates a climate theater himself.


Soon the Feil theater troupe will premiere “Animals in Africa” ​​at the Vega Scene in Oslo. The performance is based on Erlind Law’s satirical book.

“Our goal with the performance is to tackle the climate crisis in a new and different way, because we’ve found some climate art to be quite ethical,” he says. Sebastian Meyers, actor and producer of the show.

Climate Theater

Animals of Africa premiered at Mashhad Vega on August 19. Sebastian Meyers is the producer.

Photo: Christian Ingbrithsen

If you push a message to the public that we must save the planet, it will likely lead to more inaction, says Myers.

So you’re not setting up this show to do something about people’s attitude to climate?

I don’t think theater alone will solve the climate crisis. But he says it may be important to take advantage of the opportunities we have to raise the issue.

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