He could “force” you to go on vacation

He could “force” you to go on vacation

The New Year is approaching and it might be a good idea to check how much vacation you have left and perhaps apply if you want to take the rest of your vacation.

If not, your employer can decide when you take leave.

In a press release, Simployer wrote that an employer can order employees to take leave at a specific time, even if they haven’t applied for it.

– The exception is the additional week of vacation for employees over 60 years of age, which is decided by the employees themselves, the press release says.

Thousands are affected

Simployer employment lawyer Camilla Shi-Weslum explains that an employer should discuss vacation time with the employee in advance, but that doesn’t mean the employer has to take any wishes into account.

– The Vacation Law stipulates that an employee can request notification of the vacation determination as soon as possible and no later than two months before the start of the vacation, unless there are special reasons preventing this. This means that in cases where operational conditions make it necessary to deviate from the deadline by two months, this is possible, says Shi-Vislum.

It can be more expensive

It can be more expensive

The lawyer also points out that the employee and employer can agree to carry over parts of the vacation to next year.

– The employer and employee can agree to carry over up to two weeks of leave to the following year. In addition, agreed days can be transferred. For those with a five-week holiday and a 5-day week, this means both parties can agree to carry over the 14 holiday days to next year.

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Schie-Veslum informs that this is not an employee’s right, but that both parties must agree.

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