Stig Andre Berg (40 years old) from “Shall We Dance”: – It was absolutely wild

Stig Andre Berg (40 years old) from “Shall We Dance”: – It was absolutely wild

Alexandra Juner came out on top again on Saturday’s “Shall We Dance” with 40 points. Stig-André Berge had to go out in a duel against Ulrikke Brandstorp – and lost.


On Saturday, it was wrestler Stig Andre Berg with his partner Noron Ringvoll (22 years old), artist Ulrike Brandtorp (28 years old) and his partner Tarje Svalastog (25 years old) who had to duel.

Ultimately Berg was eliminated from the competition.

– It was completely wild. Thank you so much for teasing, yelling and motivating me Noron. This may mean that I have delivered Sabbath after Sabbath, Berg says after the result becomes clear, adding:

– I would also like to thank my wife who allowed me to do all this crazy that I do.

The Last Dance: Breiter Stig-Andre Berg resigned from

– Now I will relax

Berg tells VG he’s satisfied with his performance this fall:

– Actually, it sounds quite good, because the other four are so insanely good. If you had asked me before, “Let’s dance,” if I had settled for fifth place, you would have asked me, “Are you crazy?”

– What is the most notable thing that happened in this year’s season?

– That’s how I managed to lift myself up during the week. From dancing that seemed completely hopeless on Monday, to overcoming frustration and lack of mastery to deliver a good product on Saturday, Berg adds:

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-And not least the group danced with Harlem and Aslak, it was amazing.

Berg describes the rest of the participants as wonderful.

– I noticed that there was a different atmosphere every week when someone resigned, because everyone contributed something. You get a strong relationship at the dance center.

– what will you do tonight?

– Now I will relax, and enjoy the fact that I will not be bullied anymore, he laughs.

Dance professional and dance partner Noron Ringvoll praises Berg’s efforts:

– In my first season, I was very satisfied. He was always enthusiastic and prepared. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Disney: Hosts Helen Olafsen and Anders Hof during tonight's Disney Night.

Disney fever

Each couple entered the fire first with their own dance, before all couples descended to the floor at the same time with a Viennese waltz to Disney’s “Cinderella.”

Dancing to the magical world of cinema is nothing new. But the most important thing this time is that Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

Almost perfect score: Brandstorp left the dance floor with 28 out of a possible 30 points after salsa.

First up were Ulrikke Brandstorp and her partner Tärje Svallastog who danced salsa to “Familien Madrigal” from “Encanto”, where two years earlier Ulrikke had given voice to Mirabelle in the Norwegian version.

– Lots of speed, lots of colors and lots of things happening. “In the middle of this, you can do very good salsa music,” judge Trine Daily Kleve (62) said of the Brandstorp and Svallastog dance.

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– A beautiful start to the evening, said judge Merity Lingard (61).

Brandstorp escaped with 28 points out of a possible 30 from the trio of judges.

Harlem Alexander (35 years old) and his partner Helen Spelling (27 years old).

Harlem Alexander, 35, and his partner, Helen Spelling, 27, danced the second dance of the evening, a slow dance to “You’re Welcome” from Vaiana.

“That wasn’t the best I’ve seen from you,” judge Morten Hegseth (37) said of the Harlem dance.

Hegseth calls on Harlem to get more involved in dance.

“I have to agree with Hegseth,” said Cliff.

Harlem and his dance partner Spelling finished with 24 points.

FULL BOWL: Alexandra Gunner (33) scored 30 points out of a possible 30 during tonight's rumba.

– you are very magnificent

Alexandra Juner (33) and her partner Ole Thomas Hansen (24) danced a rumba to “Colors Of The Wind” from the movie “Pocahontas”, delighting the enthusiastic judges:

-I like you, you’re so cool. Thank you for the great dance,” Hegseth said of Gunner’s dance.

– Perhaps what impressed me most today was the chemistry between you two. Today we can see that there was someone leading and someone receiving. Cliff said this was an improvement on previous weeks.

Together, Gunner and Hansen finished with a perfect score and 30 points.

– Samba fun

Aslak Maurstad (31 years old) ended up scoring 28 points during the evening’s samba dance, as he and his dance partner Marian Sandaker (35 years old) danced to the tune of “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from the movie “The Lion King.”

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The result is a personal record.

– Today I breathed and gave life to the movements. You’ve been able to use your knees. There was hips and it was fun to dance the samba, and I thought that was incredibly fun. You were truly the King of Lions tonight, judge Merity Lingard (61) commented.

Personal record: Aslak Maurstad (31 years old) scored 28 points during the evening samba match, which is a personal record for the actor.

The last dancing duo was stage wrestler Andre Berg and his partner Noron Ringvoll, who danced the tango to the song “Belle” from the movie “Beauty and the Beast.”

-You are very good at playing the role, and I admire that. Welcome back, beauty and beauty. It was beautiful,” Hegseth said.

-You can see that you are a fighter, and that you are improving week after week. “It’s not quite that high, but I think you’re on the right track,” Lingjærde said.

Berg finished with 26 points from the judges.

CASTLE BALL: Dancing couples compete for points at the same time on the dance floor during

– The castle ball isn’t something we’ve done for many years on this show, not since 2013. “It reminds me of a real dance competition,” Cliff said.

During the Castle Ball, all the couples danced on the dance floor at the same time.

Before the public vote, Maurstad and Berg were in the danger zone for the dance duel, but Berg and Brandstorp still had to duel.

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