He had no choice – VG

He had no choice - VG
Stays in Brussels: Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday afternoon confirmed he would take an extra year as NATO’s secretary general. He resigns as Governor of the Central Bank.

War is raging in Europe. And the silence is far away. NATO needs Jens Stoltenberg more than ever.


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Europe will be in crisis for a long time. No one knows when the war will end. If it spreads, beyond the borders of Ukraine. Whether weapons of mass destruction are being used. Whether Putin’s regime will be overthrown and what its consequences will be.

And if the war ends soon, nothing will be the same. We need to reconsider Europe’s security. NATO may have new members, such as Finland and Sweden.

Countries bordering Russia may need additional security. All nations need to strengthen their security. The West must continue to stand together even after the crisis is over.

All of this requires stability and stability on the NATO side – in the long run. Secretary-General whom everyone can trust. Experienced and knows all the key players. The person who meets these criteria is Jens Stoltenberg. There is no other.

NATO member states have sought to find an alternative. Long. Without success. Long before Russia invaded Ukraine – Stoltenberg resisted continuing pressure. He has always insisted on going to Norway. Now, for the job of central bank governor.

But now it is not working.

We are now somewhere else after the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 this year. When US President Joe Biden delivered his speech in Brussels today, he asked Stoltenberg to stay. Biden asked Hall if everyone agreed with him. The answer came in the form of applause.

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It also tells us how he sees the situation in Europe when Stoltenberg now resigns as central bank governor. He will stay in Brussels – probably indefinitely.

If Stoltenberg had been convinced that he needed only one more year as NATO secretary general, he might have been waiting for a job at Norges Bank. He may be given one more year of leave. But with the current uncertainty, it’s getting harder.

Stoltenberg is absolutely right to make this choice.

Ida Walton Pacheco may have worked as her vice president for a few months. However, depending on the situation, Norges Bank also needs to be clarified.

The bank and the oil fund were not served indefinitely by the central bank governor. Wolden Bache is now the new central bank governor of Norway.

Jens Stoltenberg will be Norway’s best central bank governor.

At the time of NATO rule the coalition receives the necessary general secretary. Norges Bank will also have an exceptionally well-qualified central bank governor.

The background is dark. Duty calls many at times like this.

Stoltenberg did what he had to do. He really had no choice.

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