He jumped: – Strange

He jumped: - Strange

In March, it became known that the former figure skater got a new job in the Cancer Society. In recent years, he himself has overcome cancer.

Describes the position as Principal Account Manager.

– I am a special advisor for promotions and business. It is interesting to develop the marketing work of the Cancer Society. Previously, it was about giving many young athletes the opportunity to reach their potential. Now it’s about raising money for research and giving more people a chance to survive and live without cancer, Romorn says.

Cancer free: Former ski rookie Björn Einar Romoren was clearly impressed when he visited Lindmö. Video: NRK
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What exactly does the job mean?

Take, for example, the “Pink Ribbon” campaign we are in the middle of right now. There you have a leader to work with. Then you have all the business partners who are involved in the work and bring it forward. I and the others are responsible for these agreements. We develop verbs and partial ones. It’s a win-win situation and I love working with it.

AT CELL GIFT: Cancer patient Bjorn Einar Romoren visited the castle in 2019. His wife Martin is right. The occasion was the state visit of the President of Slovenia, Borut Pahor. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB
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Is this important to you personally?

– Yes, of course. Unfortunately, it is easy to deal with, because cancer affects so many people. It affected me on many levels. He says working towards a cancer-free life is not a silly vision.

The combination of nice people to work with, a good cause, and the fact that you see that you’re making a difference makes getting up in the morning easier. In that sense, the Cancer Society is a great place to work.

Romorne was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his hip in 2019, called Ewing’s sarcoma. At the time, he was the marketing manager for jumpers.

– Everything happened very quickly. Suddenly life was turned upside down, he told Se og Hør.

Record: Björn Einar Romoren jumped 239 meters at Planica in 2005 and set a world record.  Photo: NTB

Record: Björn Einar Romoren jumped 239 meters at Planica in 2005 and set a world record. Photo: NTB
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In 2005, he jumped 239 meters on the ice skating hill in Planica. It was a world record. After 14 years, he had to undergo difficult chemical treatments. Today he is cancer free.

– How do you remember that time?

– I remember it was bullshit. I don’t recommend it to anyone. But oddly enough, my head is messed up so I can take the positivity with me. I carry with me a bit of humor that I had a much better bed in the hospital when my wife gave birth. I should have had cancer the first time I was born, too.

Romorn is full of “black humour”. But he does not hide that he helped him.

– Of course, I should have been there at that time too. But when you don’t have a choice, you have to take with you the things you learn about yourself. I am happy with the acquaintances that I have made.

And the:

– I look forward to visiting Radiumhospitalet. I’d rather see it that way, than remember the many hours that weren’t feeling well. For some strange reason, the wife and I got out of it stronger. It is often more difficult for those around him.

feelings: It was a powerful moment in Master of Masters when Björn Einar Rommern spoke about cancer. Video: NRK
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Romorin was impressed by the second place in the “Master Masters” earlier this year. In NRK’s ​​success, he opened up to difficult times.

Do a lot of people ask you for advice on how to deal with illness?

– Yes, of course. I don’t understand that I have this impression in people that I know something about something. But I myself chose to keep my head up by opening up about it and participating in the Master of Masters. I think it is good to give something, if you are in a position to do so. He says I feel I am giving something to myself too.

– I say that these are my thoughts on it and not necessarily the result.

Romorin resigned as Mares Marketing Director in September of last year. He then helped his wife’s shops in Berom, before he joined the Cancer Society. But he did not cut off contact with the jumpers.

Book launch: Bjørn Einar Romøren is delighted that Clas Brede Bråthen remains a pivotal figure in Jumping Norway.  Last year he was in conflict with the Ski Association.  Here from the book launch

Book launch: Bjørn Einar Romøren is delighted that Clas Brede Bråthen remains a pivotal figure in Jumping Norway. Last year he was in conflict with the Ski Association. Here’s from last week’s “Hoppsjel” book launch. Photo: Tori Ulrich Bratland
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When “Hopsjel” was launched in Oslo last week, Romorin was in attendance. The book is about national team manager Claes Prede Brathin and the conflict with the Norwegian Ski Association.

Romorin quit his job while the conflict was at its worst last fall, but he denied the exit had anything to do with the turmoil.

– No, it was about a comprehensive assessment. I wanted to challenge myself. It is said that “timing is everything”. In that sense, going out wasn’t very well-timed, but I think Claas Brady knows where he is with me. It was a strange situation to be outside when I knew there was so much noise and intense shows to be done. I admire how the jumping community stands together as a team, both boys and girls, but I’m not surprised.

– What do you think about the fact that Prathin remains a pivotal figure in the showjumping community?

I think those of us who enjoy showjumping should be grateful for it. If we look at people, nothing lasts forever. But we cannot ignore the fact that Claes Brady was a very important contributor to the culture that now exists. Romorin points out that he practiced tradition.

– One day he will give up. Then I hope the system and the rest of the environment work with the philosophy and thought that was. Romorn says I’m glad he doesn’t intend to give up anytime soon.

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