Helicopter crash, Bristow | Silje's husband survives helicopter crash: – Two hours ago we got word that he was alive.

Helicopter crash, Bristow |  Silje's husband survives helicopter crash: – Two hours ago we got word that he was alive.

(Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad):– We don't know anything except that he is on a ventilator with water in his lungs, says his wife Silje Elwemo Jacobsen.

On Monday morning at 0800 Jorn landed by plane at Flesland to see Anders. So far, Silje has not had a chance to talk to her injured husband.

Equinor manager on helicopter accident: – The deceased was a nurse on duty looking after others

Confirmed after two hours

Silje was at home when he heard about the accident.

The helicopter, owned by Bristow Norway, crashed while on a training mission for Equinar. It crashed about six kilometers west of Algeroina in the municipality of Augarton.

– I saw on VG that there was an incident and immediately called a colleague who confirmed that he was on board, she says.

Two hours later, he received a phone call from the hospital confirming that the man was alive.

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Helicopter crash: Broken parts found

– I think it's going well

According to Silji, Jorn Anders has been on sick leave for a long time and he is now on his second trip to get a new accreditation as a rescuer.

– I'm afraid to meet him, but I hope it will go well, she says on the phone from Bergen on Thursday morning.

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Mayor:- We are concerned

At 19.41 when the Central Rescue Service (HRS) received an emergency message, large resources were mobilized. A rescue helicopter from the Swedish Armed Forces was the first to arrive at the scene and immediately found five people in the sea, police said. They rescued them and took them to the hospital. Another helicopter located the sixth man and lifted him up.

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– In this sad incident we learned that one of our employees has died. Our thoughts turn to the next of kin, Equinor's spokesperson Gisle Ledel Johannessen tells NTP.

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Helicopter crash: – She was at work looking after others

Searching the ruins

People lay in the water for about 50 minutes before being picked up, according to HRS, write Bergen's Dente.

On Thursday night, the search for the wreckage was underway, and the police have asked the Norwegian Defense Forces to help. The National Accident Investigation Board has started the process to find out the cause of the accident.

“What we're going to do tomorrow is find the main wreckage and figure out how to raise it so we can do further investigations,” said Corey Halvorson, head of department at the Accident Investigation Board. Television 2 Wednesday evening.

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CHC Norway has postponed all sea flights until 1pm

Survivors will be interrogated

Police were trying to interrogate survivors last night.

– We have made some attempts to investigate the wounded and will now make another attempt. It is not certain that we will succeed because it has caused a lot of stress for those on board, chief of staff Landro told NRK last night.

The police and Equinor have set up a kinship center in Scandic Kokstad. Relatives have also created a number to call: 990 97 989.

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The Skagerrak and Oslofjord are forecast to experience flooding and heavy rain

An urgent message sent is called a Mayday Relay, an urgent message on behalf of others.

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According to Bristow Norway var helicopter for search and rescue training. It was of the Sikorsky S-92 type.

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