Store 100 Day Plan: These promises remain the same

Store 100 Day Plan: These promises remain the same

– Jonas Kare Store (Labor) tells NTB that I am satisfied and proud of the work we have done.

On Saturday, it will be 100 days since he became prime minister, ending the deadline for 40 promises made by Labor in its 100-day election campaign.

NTB has fulfilled all its promises and is expected to reach the target in four days. Overview shows this:

* 21 points completed

* 9 not met

* 10 is partially completed

Not passed

However, the Labor Party says it is working hard to deliver on many of its promises by Saturday.

– The 100-day plan is to show voters that they will start from here if they get the ruling power. We did it. On the day we took charge we had the Kongsberg crisis but the power crisis hit and there was an epidemic, the Prime Minister told NTB.

The Labor Party has said it will submit proposals for all 40 items in the plan within 100 days of coming to power.

They have not yet done so on nine fronts, including ending the privatization of sanitation in the armed forces, setting up the Energy Commission and the executive pay commission, banning permanent employment relocation, stopping the release of the taxi industry and lifting restrictions. In the abortion law.

Store points out that the Labor Party did not get the last point in the government talks with the center, but that most of the points are on the hurdle base and that the two government parties are working together to get them.

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– At many of these points, there will be good news in the remaining days before the hundred days pass, the store says.

No regrets

According to NTB’s overview, only 10 of the 40 promises in the 100-day plan have been partially fulfilled.

Among other things, the Labor Party promised to double the trade union exemption to NOK 7,700. This year introduces half of the state budget increase, while the government promises to do more.

– It will not double, it will be halved and the rest will come next year. And I think the union movement is happy with that. Eight years on the contrary something is going on where everything has gone down, the store says.

While the government has not been able to achieve the full targets at all points, he certainly has not regretted giving voters a 100-day plan.

– It was so brilliant and I’m so glad we did it! Reaching one hundred percent on such a big project, finished talking, I think everyone understands that you can not expect. We agree with the other parties, but we do practically everything, says Store.

Extra money

When the Labor Party and the Central Party presented a supplementary number in the state budget for 2022, there were several points where they did not allocate money to meet. But after the budget negotiations with SV, money came in for glass support for children, holiday pay for the unemployed and dental health.

The store denies that only SV can take all the credit for this. He points out that the government was given a little more room for maneuvering before negotiating with the SV.

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Among other things, higher electricity prices have led Statkraft’s dividend to NOK 2.3 billion by 2022.

– These are returns we did not expect before. This is a bit of a technical thing, but this is the reason we get points from our project and our hundred day plan, and SV is worried too.


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