State Budget – Crisis meeting after budget blow:

State Budget – Crisis meeting after budget blow:

– It is very dramatic for us, Alesund mayor, Eva Vinje Aurdal from the Labor Party tells Dagbladet.

This is one of the clearest election promises of Trickway Slacksvold Vedum. Allow separation of compulsorily merged municipalities. At the square in Sokne, he promised that the municipality would be resurrected.

Since then, both she and her municipal minister, Sigbjörn Jelsvik, have vowed to take on the big bill that comes with divorces.

For Alesund and Viken County Council alone, the costs are estimated at over NOK 600 million.

– Breach of promise

But in the state budget, the government has allocated only NOK 200 million to the five district municipalities and one dissolved municipality.

Ap Mayor Eva Vinje Aurdal says this is less than what it would cost to make the decision in Ålesund alone.

Crisis meeting: Alesund Mayor Eva Vinje Aurdal (Ap) on Friday called the municipal administration to a crisis meeting following her own government's state budget.  Photo: Heiko Jung / NTP

Crisis meeting: Alesund Mayor Eva Vinje Aurdal (Ap) on Friday called the municipal administration to a crisis meeting following her own government’s state budget. Photo: Heiko Jung / NTP
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– And if the money doesn’t come, I would classify this as a breach of promise.

The mayor called the administration on Friday for a crisis meeting on the economy in the municipality after the news that the Trikeway Slacksvold role could deliver today.

He was at the meeting with the finance manager, who could tell about the NOK 237 million estimate of the cost of restoring the old Ålesund and Haram municipalities.

– On the right ROBEK

Arutula emphasizes that the municipality’s decision to dissolve the new large municipality was conditional on the state bearing the full cost.

– Now the conditions have completely changed. We have just looked at operating costs, and the cost of sharing per citizen can be very high. The Labor mayor says there is a big difference between dividing a municipality and a county.

The smell comes together with an otherwise tight municipal economy in Ålesund. Artal says she now fears for the future of services for residents.

– If we don’t get more money, I can’t see anything other than going straight to the ROBEK list, says Aurdal and refers to what is referred to as the “list of shame” for Norwegian municipalities. Part of the right to control the economy.

Ålesund Mayor says the Ministry of Municipal Affairs briefed them on this at a meeting on Thursday. There, according to Aurdal, they announced that they were looking for more support.

– For us, this is a dangerous game. “Seeing” is useless. We need to know now, says the mayor.

“Very Relaxed”

In a written response to Dagbladet, the Ministry of Local Government and District Affairs confirms that NOK 200 million is currently allocated for the work on desegregating municipalities.

“Direct sharing costs will be offset by a usage-based program.” The Ministry writes and adds:

“The Ministry of Local Government and Districts will further assess the need for funds in later budgets, based on the processing of applications from the relevant district councils and Ålesund Municipality. Applications must be based on an absolutely necessary approach to carry out the sharing process. Avoidable costs will not be reimbursed,” writes the ministry in an email.

– Not emphasized

According to Ordal in Aalsund, he says he can’t see them doing more than “moderate and necessary”.

The great county of Vigen is also ready to be divided into the old borders of Buskerud, Akershus and Ostfold. County Council Chairman Chiv Henriette Jacobsen is very relaxed here.

– This becomes a question only when we send application for money. We expect to cover our expenses. We don’t stress about it, Jacobsen tells Dagbladet.

He says they are applying for NOK 377 million to share costs. The district council chairman believes that the solution can be found through increased allocations in the revised budget or the so-called new senescence.

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