Henrik Asheim – Asks member to step down after criticism

Henrik Asheim – Asks member to step down after criticism

“Problems I Hear” was released in 1999 as a single by the comedy-hard rock band Black Death.

Now ranking member Eric Storelev is making the words his own in many ways, launching a scathing attack on the party’s mayoral candidate Lisbeth Hammer Kroc and Leanne Conradie at the Oscars.

Reader’s entry in Buttika It concludes by urging people to vote for a party other than the Conservatives in the September 11 local elections.

– When you put forward someone as a mayoral candidate for the fourth and fifth terms respectively, there is a problem. Abuse of power, hidden networks and endangerment of democratic processes can then occur, Storlve tells Talkbladet.

Striker Store: - I am tired

Striker Store: – I am tired

It was messenger Who first mentioned the subject.

to think

Now local team captain Henrik Asheim steps in. He simply encourages Storl to consider its members.

– Doesn’t the Conservative Party have a higher ceiling than this?

– Høyre has a high ceiling. We have detailed nomination processes where everyone can have their say. But when the annual meetings are chosen and the lists are ready, it is wise not to use electioneering to encourage people to vote for a different party. That’s why Storlv is asking it to consider its membership, Asheim tells Talkblade.

New deputy leader: Henrik Asheim has won the battle to become the new deputy leader of the Conservative Party, but what does he think is the next step in his political career? Video: Christian Figmeros / Dogbladet
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– Do you consider it too disloyal, is it appropriate to exclude Storl?

– No, we don’t have the culture for that. While he was urging people not to vote Conservative, I asked him to consider not being a member of the Conservative Party.

– But will there be waves?

– I don’t think most people would shrug their shoulders at this. Conradi and Hamer Krog are two of the most popular mayors in all of Norway, no matter how you measure it. So I don’t think it creates ripples, says Asheim.

– Proves me right

Storlve, for his part, says that yes, there are waves, and he’s not talking about right-wing waves.

– But I don’t create these waves, I describe them. I tried to solve the problems in the candidature exam. The entire debate was rejected. This proves I was right, says Storlve.

Run over Erna: - Damn

Run over Erna: – Damn

– Accept callback?

– I’m in the process. But the more I’m encouraged to unsubscribe, the more I feel the need to be a member.

Storlve believes that the lack of replacement at the top of parties is a common problem that applies to many parties and many municipalities.

– Parties should wake up and see the need for renewal. The same applies to primary candidates, he concludes.

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