Here is the Russian oligarch ship aboard Oslo – NRK Norway – Overview of news from various parts of the country

Here is the Russian oligarch ship aboard Oslo – NRK Norway – Overview of news from various parts of the country

The ship “Lazurite” sailed under the Russian flag and was anchored with precious metal.

Realism E24 sWrite that the ship is owned by Malta-registered Volga-Baltic Ship 4 Limited, which is affiliated with Volga Shipping.

Volga shipping is controlled by the Russian oligarch Vladimir Lisin. According to the British online newspaper City AM The oligarchy has demanded an end to Russian President Vladimir Putin and an end to the war in Ukraine.

Russian ship Lazurite

Property: This ship will be attached to the Russian oligarch Vladimir Lisin

Photo: Kristoffer Steffensen Lenes / NRK

Working with questions about exemption

Now both the European Union and Norway are actively working on issues of exclusion from ports.Ice Minister Bijorner Skajaran (Labor Party).

According to Skjaran, it will take longer to take place because it is more complex than other obstacles.

Clean up

Fisheries Minister Bjனர்rn Schjrn believes that fisheries cooperation between Norway and Russia is important.

Photo: Rebecca Ellingsen / NRK

It is about international law on the sea for the UN, of which Norway has been a driver. For us, he says, Norwegian-Russian fisheries cooperation is important.

Norway foretells dark times for industry

Stein Lear Hanson, CEO of the Norwegian industry, says it is not illegal to trade with Russian soldiers because sanctions against Russia have not yet been adopted.

Stein Lear-Hansen

Dark Times: Stein Lear Hanson sees no bright future for the Norwegian industry.

Photo: David Wojciech Krekling / NRK

– I do not want to be a defender of morality, but I urge you to follow the sanctions against Russia, even if they have not yet been formally adopted.

He predicts a dark period for Norwegian industry in the future.

– This war will have great consequences for the Norwegian industry. Value chains stop raw materials coming from Russia. Lear Hanson says that now everything is changing from normal to normal.

Closed to Russian ships

Liberal MP Ola Elvestven will strengthen sanctions against Russia and close Norwegian ports for Russian ships.

Press conference on the third crisis package of the Ola Elvestuen government

Close: Liberal politician Ola Elvestuen wants to close Norwegian ports to Russian ships.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum

– Elvestune tells the NRK that what we see now on this ship, which belongs to the Russian oligarchy, shows how important it is.

He thinks Norway should follow Britain and Canada and move ahead with the EU.

– We must be a driving force for Europe to close ports for Russian ships.

Director of Norwegian Ports Kjell-Olav Gammelsæter says he understands the commitment to the NRK.

We have a good understanding of commitment. We are not against imposing such a ban on Norwegian ports, but he says it should be done in the right way by the decision of the Central Governments.

Nestlr and Rod Mary Snow Martinusen Reacts to the case and wants Norway to carry out its own punitive measures, but believes that closing all Norwegian ports to Russian ships is not the way to go.

Unlike the European Union and the United Kingdom, fisheries cooperation should be considered. He says this is best done with targeted actions against specific shipowners.

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