Hermann Fleiswig regretted one thing with the first time service

Hermann Fleiswig regretted one thing with the first time service

In an interview with TV 2, After the awards ceremony where he was awarded the Wenche Foss Honorary Award, He tells more about why he was moved to receive such an award.

It has been a year of ups and downs. Because even though “First Time Service” broke heaps of records on NRK, it was hard for the 29-year-old to know that many had high expectations of him when he introduced the sequel.

– I think when you get to things, it’s miraculous, but it’s also dangerous. When you experience – we call it success – it is easy for the height of the fall to become large. You can’t always maintain the pace you have, and you have to find a balance in order to work, says the humble and humble comedian.

Herman Flesvig won an honorary award – 50,000 shares with this organization


Flesvig reveals that what he is most proud of in his career so far has been “First Time Service”. He had many periods when he could not believe in the project.

– “First Service” is the biggest thing I’ve done. I am proud that I was able to complete it, despite the fact that there may have been difficult periods, he says, and continues:

– That I have to do all the roles in “First Time Service” myself, it’s something you regret when you’re tired. Then one thinks: ‘Why are you so engrossed? Could no one else take on any of the roles? “

Thanks good helpers

When he has such thoughts, he gets help from his support team. He calls it a team sport.

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Fleswig is asked what his girlfriend and family do when he’s going through bad days, to which he replies quickly:

– They are there for me. This is the most important thing you can do.

And because he’s done the project, NRK is probably just as happy with it as he is. In fact, just over 3 million TV viewers joined Herman Flesvig’s “First Time Service”.

Flesvig sheds tears when he received the award, watch and hear why in the video at the top of the case.

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