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Get a taste: Dennis Hoeger is one of the talents of Red Bull who could stand a chance next season. Here with one of Red Bull’s Formula 1 cars in the background.

The new rule change may be good news for Dennis Hoeger (18). Already in the next season, the Norwegian can taste Formula 1.


From 2022 onwards, all 10 Formula 1 teams will have to give “rookies” more chances. In two training sessions during the season, drivers who have not been in Grand Prix racing before will have the opportunity to show themselves.

– There are fewer tests today and fewer opportunities for young drivers to show themselves in Formula 1. Therefore, this is very important, Formula 1 commentator and director of sport for the Norwegian Motorsports Federation, Atle Gulbrandsen, tells VG.

Training gives drivers a rare opportunity to test the car on the track the race will be on. Gulbrandsen believes the rule change could be good news for Dennis Hauger’s chances of testing a Formula 1 car early next season.

– Chances are high that this will happen, says the commentator.

– We are behind completely changing the rule. It’s hard for young drivers to get a chance nowadays, so it’s our responsibility to give them that opportunity, according to McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl, according to racer.com.

Hueger has impressed a lot this season, and he ranks himself as one of the greatest talents in forward-thinking motorsport. The Norwegian won the Formula 3 championship this year, and now it’s Formula 2’s turn.

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The 18-year-old drives to Prima Racing, but has been signed by Red Bull. It could be a huge advantage if he has the opportunity to test a Formula 1 car next year. They have two teams (Red Bull and Alpha Touri) in Formula 1.

– So I consider that the chances are relatively large. It’s a huge advantage that he has chances with two teams, with a total of four seats. Therefore, it is better to be there than to be with someone else, Gulbandsen believes.

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Hoeger’s manager, Harald Huisman, will not speculate about the odds of Hoeger getting a coaching opportunity next season.

– He’s too worried about not thinking about it. It will come on its own, when the time comes and Red Bull sees fit. But it is important that you get that experience early, and try yourself in a Formula 1 car early in your career. Then you can feel how it is, Huysmann tells VG.

In action: Dennis Hoeger, here in a Formula 3 car.

Helmut Marko, the leader of Red Bull’s small initiative, has previously spoken warmly of Höger. None of the Formula 1 teams have publicly discussed the young drivers they would give the opportunity to train next season, but the team’s tall men are closely following the Norwegian’s development.

– You should always perform when you get into the car, there is no prayer. You just get so many, many opportunities, Huysmann says of pressing Hauger.

He has to compete for Red Bull positions against other drivers in the Austrian company’s stable. If Hauger gets a chance at the higher level, it could be an invaluable experience for the Aurskog boy.

Possibly the biggest leap up the career ladder. This is the biggest leap. There’s a lot of multitasking in a Formula 1 car. Huysmann says it’s a fighter plane on the ground.

– In training, it does not necessarily have to appear in the list of results. Hauger may be given one task, for example to help the team find the right race setting. Gulbrandsen explains that you have to do the job you get.

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