Hilda Leran, Actress | This is how Hilde Lyrån keeps her emotions in check: – Vulnerable and completely naked

Hilda Leran, Actress |  This is how Hilde Lyrån keeps her emotions in check: – Vulnerable and completely naked

BÅNKALL GÅRD / OSLO (Nettavisen): On Wednesday, Hilde Lyrån (60) is back on stage again, this time in ‘Bånkallspelet’ – which is being shown neatly at Bånkall gård in Oslo.

Wednesday’s performance is a preview before the big premiere on Thursday. Performances will then follow throughout the weekend, and there’s no doubt Lyrån is looking forward to it.

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– We had a lot of fun while we were here, and now we are just waiting for the audience, – she happily tells Netavisen.

This isn’t the 60-year-old’s first time on stage, but nevertheless, she admits that while she’s looking forward to it, she’s also feeling a little nervous before the audience enters the ranch.

– There are some nerves. But there is a little tension, a slight tingling. But it’s not, as it were, exam nerves, where you are completely paralyzed in your legs and don’t know what to do, you laugh.

Extensive reportage

With 40 years in the entertainment industry, having done everything from TV and movies to musicals, comedy shows, and skits, Lyrån is still totally fired up every time she steps onto a stage.

– There are a lot of people who wonder if it’s gotten “easier” or less exciting over the years, but it actually doesn’t. It’s still just as exciting. It is new every time you go on stage and perform a new performance, and you also share it.

Now the last few weeks have been devoted to preparing for the ‘Bånkallspelet’ specifically, which is where Lyrån gets all the experience she has gained over 40 years in the industry. Then you’ll be dancing, singing and playing at the same time – which you do best.

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– That’s what’s so interesting about this kind of job. You use all the elements of music, acting, and dance, which I love. It will not be just talking or just singing and dancing. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great too, but in an outdoor theater like this, you want a little bit of everything, as you say.

stay active

In other words, it can get hectic at times for Lyrån onstage at Bånkall Farm, singing, dancing and slinking throughout large portions of the new stage performance.

The 60-year-old prepared for it by staying fit, which has always been important to her. In previous interviews, Lyrån has stated that she exercises up to five times a week on a daily basis, which she says she still does today.

– At the moment I don’t, because now it goes on around the clock here, you say and continue:

– But I have knitting mats and stuff at home, and I always do that something day of the week. I feel it is part of my job. It’s like a musician who plays an instrument every day. Because my body is my tool – so I have to stay in shape.

Self trains

Lyrån believes that good physical shape contributes to the fact that she can still do the same jobs she did when she was younger, and notes that it is also good for the mind to keep the body active.

– I do a lot of strength and conditioning, and now that I’m older I do a lot of pilates and yoga and things like that. Simply for the head and psyche. Just to get down a little bit, says the actor.

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Lyrån also points out that as an actor it is important to have a certain mental strength:

Our job requires a lot of emotional ups and downs. We’re going to embody feelings, and they’re completely vulnerable and naked. You reveal your feelings, and sometimes you also draw cues from your own life. Then you can often bring up old memories that weren’t very pleasant, and that costs money. I noticed that I was tired of playing a role with so much emotion. You get tired mentally.

— and I also think that in the society we live in, everyone could benefit from being a little “zen.” But there’s just something about prioritizing it, making time for it. But this is important, Leran says.

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