“I feel like a little victim of the system,” Stockel told the authorities

"I feel like a little victim of the system," Stockel told the authorities

– I feel like a little victim of the system. I just really want to know how to get this into my certificate. It is impossible to know.

He is the coach of the declared national team who meets with TV 2 in Bischofshofen after Hoppuka.

Stöckl tested positive in mid-December and has a single dose of the vaccine. This group will usually give a valid corona certificate, but not by Stöckl.

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the problem? The positive test was carried out abroad.

Read the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) answer in this case

Phone, SMS and email to no avail

– The test result was positive when I was in Klingenthal (Germany), but I cannot get it on the Corona certificate. why? It is because foreign PCR tests are not approved, he says, adding:

The challenge is that I have to test after that every time I travel. And if I get a positive test, which is possible several weeks after I have undergone corona, I have to show the documents – and they are only in German. It is often difficult to communicate that I have corona, but I am in good health, but the test is positive. He says that without a negative test when I travel from Gardermoen, for example, it’s quite a challenge.

Moreover, the coach of the national team describes a rather frustrating confrontation with the Norwegian bureaucracy.

– I tried to call korona’s info phone, queued for an hour and a half, before I got kicked out of the conversation. Twice. I have also tried to send a message, but it is not possible to send a message related to corona virus. Actually you have to call. I tried to contact another department and sent them the documentation and explanation. But only there I got the answer “We don’t answer COVID questions, you have to call”. The full documents were also sent to the municipality on 15 December. I simply don’t know how to enter this into a corona testimonial. I can even document my coronavirus infection through the media – I have been quarantined for 14 days in Germany/Austria. He says it is strange that there is no possibility that people will be able to pass those tests.

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Post-registration of test results from other countries is not allowed

The problem is not new to the Norwegian health authorities.

FHI says Friday that it has no opportunity to give an interview about the case, but wrote in an email that it “receives numerous inquiries from clinicians and individuals who want to record test results from pre-confirmed coronary heart disease from abroad in the MSIS lab database to obtain Corona testimony. Unfortunately, this is not possible.”

He hasn’t seen this inverted image in over five years: – Feeling a bit ashamed

The Communicable Disease Notification System (MSIS) “does not allow the subsequent recording of test results from other countries for people who are no longer ill,” the NIPH website states.

– Perhaps the authorities think that there are many who visit exams abroad in order to work in Norway or something like that. I don’t know exactly, but it is stupid that those who have undergone corona suffer from a few who try to falsify the tests, says Stockel, and points out:

– As long as I get help with this, I’m happy. And there may be more people like me in Norway.

FHI’s reply to Stöckl

When asked a specific question about Stöckl’s solution, FHI answers:

«If you have contracted a disease abroad before the first vaccine dose, you can take an antibody serological test (not a rapid test) no later than the day of vaccination, which is recorded in the database of the MSIS laboratory and displayed on helsenorge.no. This gives a valid NOK certificate after a single dose of the vaccine which is usually given as two doses.

In the event of a disease abroad after the first vaccine dose, or if antibodies were not detected prior to the first vaccination, it will not be possible to obtain valid Norwegian documentation of the reviewed covid-19 in the form of proven antibodies, due to the presence of an antibody expected response after vaccination.

A Norwegian Corona certificate will not be valid without two or more doses when you do not have Norwegian documentation of a history of illness. This is especially important for people who frequently need to cross the border, and an additional dose of the vaccine may be necessary.”

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