I got a reaction – went home

I got a reaction - went home

MIDTSTUBAKKEN (Dagbladet): Few have been as lauded and admired as Maren Lundby this fall. She was very honest because she couldn’t maintain her weight.

This means that the Olympic season is coming to an end. But the hope is to return to the ski jump next year.

To Dagbladet, Lundby is now revealing his winter plans. Training is still the number one job. But in addition to this, I got a second job: it will be a lecturer at Seriøst Firma, which has a local contact in Toten.

The lecture was called “The Best in Headwind.” I’ll talk about my ups and downs, and be open about what I’ve been through lately. Lundby says the audience will be companies, corporations, organizations and anyone who wants to listen to me.

She is happy that she is now beginning to make a plan for how she will return as the best ski jumper in the world. It still hurts not to be competitive this season.

FOG: Midtstubakken in Holmenkollen didn’t turn out for the better on Friday. There was a lot of fog here. Photo: Tori Ulrich Bratland
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This weekend, what must be said happened was a little emotional drama at Midtstubakken in Holmenkollen. Lundby was on the ground on Friday, when there was a test and qualifying round in the NM. But then I got a reaction and went home after the audition round.

– What do I say to that? It’s no fun being on the ground when you can’t jump on your own. While I wish everyone good luck – and cheer on my teammates – it’s a mistake to say I’m not missing out. So I thought it was best to stay away.

– Why did you go to Midtstubakken in the first place?

– I don’t quite know. I’d like to see some snowboarding. I think it’s fun, of course. But it wasn’t the funniest thing I did this time. So I was quick to get home.

She completes:

– I saw the trial run. Then I left. I felt like I didn’t have a job there. It was just tearing things up. Then it was better to go home, exercise and watch TV.

– Were you surprised by your reaction?

– Yeah a little bit really. I wasn’t quite ready for that. I was thinking it would be weird sitting at home this season. But I just have to prepare for it.

When asked by Dagbladet – if she’ll have trouble finding a ski jump again this season – Lundby confirms she got an inquiry from a TV channel.

– If I was going to be an expert commentator, or something, I’d be able to look up the ski jump eventually. This was probably the first time he had experienced a little extra pain.

withdrawal: Maren Lundby was told that she could no longer dance after overusing her feet. Video: Sofie Losen / Dagbladet TV
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She does not want to say which TV channel she was in contact with.

Lundby had to pull out of “Skal vi danse” earlier this fall due to an overload in a pair of toes. Since then, she has been walking with crutches, which she threw away today. It still takes some time before it gets back to normal.

– I anticipate that it may take up to ten weeks before I can fully train again. But there is a lot I can train during my time. The worst time is over.

Open: Maren Lundby visited “Lendmo”. The topic was weight and body. Video: Lindmo / Red Card
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A Bachelor in Sports was also something she considered intense during the winter. But now it is training and working as a lecturer that applies.

Lundby has two World Cup golds and one Olympic gold. She doesn’t hide the fact that she’s desperate to skip snowboarding, and that helps keep her motivated.

And – who knows: maybe there will be an opportunity already next season?

– I will be attending snowboarding in Vickersund and Oberstdorf this winter. She says: I want to see and hear reflections on the ice skating flight.

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