– I have never had such a dramatic experience at sea before

- I have never had such a dramatic experience at sea before

On Friday afternoon, business fisherman Steen Christensen was pulling the turbo grip today. He was on his way back to the Marina and Marina in Valle, Pamplona, ​​when he heard a loud bang near his boat.

– I jumped in and didn’t understand what it was right now, until I saw the flames stand with verse, Christensen tells TV2.

An old plastic boat with two people exploded a few meters away from the Steen boat.

– I shouted at them to jump into the sea and I was afraid it would explode several times, says the 41-year-old.

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Recovered from burning boat

The main rescue center sounded the full alarm and dispatched both a firefighting boat, a lifeboat and a Coast Guard vessel. But it was the local heroes who were most involved in the rescue efforts.

Someone jumped into the sea and swam in the boat. Another was rescued rather than another boat coming.

– The man I saved was apparently out of shock. I tried to help him, but at the same time I had to focus on the burning boat, says Christensen.

The burning boat had 120 liters of petrol in the tank, so the flames licked hard in the blue sky.

– I tried to put out the fire, but quickly realized that I had no chance, says the professional fisherman.

Going straight towards the marina

Until he focuses on other things, he does not have time to think about it fully. The burning boat was heading towards the marina – where a large amount of fuel was stored.

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Christensen feared a huge explosion would occur if the burning boat hit the marina. He had to act fast.

– Throwing the excavation into the burning boat and being able to slowly but surely pull it out of the marina. Then the energetic fisherman says I can finally let out a sigh of relief.

He had been at sea on the snake beach for 20 years and had never been involved in anything like Friday.

– Christensen says I have never met so dramatically at sea.

– My heart was in my throat

Bernd Espen Anderson, general manager at Sjøbua Marina in Valle, is also pleased that Stein saved his marina from nearby.

– The burning boat with two hundred liters was going straight towards our propane stock. So my heart was in my throat when Steen was working, says Anderson.

He is forever grateful to have such energetic people in the vicinity.

– Anderson says Steen saved today’s hero and the entire Marina.

Two people who had to jump into the sea were injured in the boat fire, but no physical injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

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