– I heard a big crash – VG

- I heard a big crash - VG
Switched: Neighbors jumped when police entered an apartment connected to the accused. The police removed the door and replaced it with a makeshift one.

COPENHAGEN (VG) On Sunday afternoon, police came to the door with machine guns and helmets, residents say at an address where there will be contact between the accused after the shooting in Copenhagen.


– We are sitting and watching a movie in the living room when suddenly we hear a bang. I suppose the door will open, says Jonas Nordstead, 22.

– We think “Who is he?”. Shards of glass are still here.

Nordstede sees police officers on one side of the building, special forces on the other and one in uniform with a dog

– We couldn’t help but think it was the shooting in the mall.

His mother and sister were in the field half an hour before the shooting began. They considered going to a coffee shop in the center, but went home instead, he says.

In the background: 22-year-old Jonas Nordstead talks about the drama as police moved against the apartment connected to the accused, which is a quarter-hour’s drive from the Field Shopping Center.

three persons killed in shooting Two seventeen-year-olds and a forty-seven-year-old man. Four others were shot. For one, the condition on Monday morning was still critical.

A 22-year-old Dane was charged on Monday with three murders and seven attempted murders. It was not clear how he would respond to the accusation.

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On Monday afternoon, a broken road is the only sign that something is going on in the reddish-brown brick block where there is contact between the accused, according to VG information.

On Sunday night, residents were shocked when armed police knocked on the door – according to witness descriptions at 6 p.m. – just half an hour after the shooting was first reported in Fields, about five kilometers away.

Shattered: When the police moved against the apartment, shards of glass smashed on the balcony of a neighbor VG spoke to. According to the neighbors, one of the windows of the stairwell must have been shattered by air pressure.

Neighbors say the staircase window must have been broken after the police locked the door. None of them knew the accused or could remember seeing the 22-year-old.

The building is located in an old industrial area and is described as family friendly and relatively nice. Pink tricycle lying on its side in the backyard.

According to neighbor Jonas Nordstead, the police were at the address for several hours. At 01:30 p.m. on Monday, they implemented what looked like a locker from the building, showing a photo received by VG.

Carried out of lockers: Police kept out the address linked to the accused until late at night after the shooting at the Feld shopping center on Sunday.

In several videos Posted on Youtube It appears to belong to the accused, standing with a rifle and a pistol. In the background of one of the videos, you can clearly see a large light gray locker with a safety lock, which looks like a large safe or a weapons locker.

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Danish Radio News Describe The safe served as a gun safe, and they say they received confirmation from several sources that the accused must have kept the guns at home.

VG spoke with the Copenhagen police and asked about the confiscation of the gun safes and any weapons in the address, but they did not want to comment on the findings during the police investigation.

According to neighbors, the defendants had not lived at the site for more than half a year to a year.

On Monday afternoon, children playing in the playground can be seen through the broken road. Police are still at the scene to retrieve the videos.

On the same day, the accused was at a prison meeting, where it was decided that he should Pretrial detention for 24 days in a closed psychiatric ward. An examination of his mental state is also requested.

Videos from the mall show the accused walking around with a gun shouting “This is not real”:

– I thought I was going to die

Louisa, 21, moved to the first floor of the same apartment building a month ago.

She worked late the night before, and says she woke up to an explosion that smashed a window in the building.

– I thought I was going to die. We didn’t know if it was the police or someone else, she said.

When she saw the police, she was relieved.

– It was very shocking.

Nor did she ever see the accused.

– I saw the pictures on the Internet and thought “Oh, did he live here?” , Says.

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– always safe

Just an hour before police arrived at the neighbor’s door on Sunday night, the children of Peder Metz, 56, were playing in a swimming pool on the veranda. Later, shards of glass rained down where his children had just played, he said.

– I only heard a huge bang, he told VG on Monday afternoon.

– We saw the police at first, but we didn’t know they were going to explode.

The 56-year-old says he saw five to seven policemen with submachine guns and helmets.

Family Father: Peder Metz, 56, and his children were injured when police opened the door to the address linked to the man accused of shooting at the Feld shopping center on Sunday.

He says the three- and five-year-olds got scared of the explosion when they opened the door to the neighbour.

– I was a little shocked, he says.

Metz, who has lived in the building for less than three years, says he, too, does not know the accused. He also doesn’t remember seeing the 22-year-old, despite the fact that he’s growing up in the chair outside on the balcony – where he has a good view of the front door to the apartment entrance in question.

It’s always been safe here, says Metz.

Mentally ill

Until last year, according to VG’s information, the 22-year-old lived at another address just a short drive from the shopping center, on a quiet street with small detached houses and freshly cut lawns.

VG meets a couple who say they have been neighbors to the accused and his family for 16 years. They say the hedges separating the two homes have grown taller over the years as the kids got older and the problems grew.

According to neighbors, the accused’s family was open about the son’s mental problems.

Yesterday I just wanted them to carry it inside and throw the key away. But when I heard it was him, I just wanted him to get help, says a neighbor.

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