So, she disappeared from the stage – VG

So, she disappeared from the stage - VG
A trio: The Italian presenters at the Eurovision 2022 are Alessandro Cattelan, Laura Bossini and artist Mica.

Observant sailors may have noticed that one of the presenters suddenly disappeared during parts of the Eurovision broadcast, and now she explains why.


On Saturday I rented the last broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest, live from Turin in Italy, with Alessandro Cattelan and artist Mica.

At one point, Laura Puccini was not seen on screen for a while. On Instagram, she explains why.

– I want to calm down and tell you I’m fine. I wrote during the final, I had low blood pressure and had to stop for about twenty minutes on the advice of the doctor who helped me.

She thanks the doctor and writes that there has been a lot of work and stress in the past six months.

– But I am glad that I finished the evening with my dear colleagues, and that I was able to announce with the winners of Eurovision, the wonderful Ukraine, as I wrote.

War music video

Ukraine was the top candidate up front, winning the Eurovision final this year. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said he wants Eurovision for the “Free Mariupol” currently occupied by Russian forces.

The song “Stefania” was written before the war, and it talks about the mother of the first singer, Ole Psiuk. In the past, the group released a music video as a backdrop to war-torn Ukraine.

In the video, you see members of the Kalush orchestra walking through the rubble of bombed-out buildings, while Ukrainian soldiers ask children to be safe from fire and other dangers. Eighteen children are taken with their families to refugee camps and train stations. The soldiers, all women, stared at the camera, some smiling.

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The video ends with a text poster that reads “This video was filmed in the cities of Buka, Irbin, Borodinka, and Hostomel near Kyiv which were under the horror of the Russian occupation.” The video is dedicated to “the brave Ukrainian people,” and adds mothers protecting the children “and” who gave their lives for our freedom ».

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