Sports squads praise Johaug’s initiative – – what should be exciting

Sports squads praise Johaug's initiative - - what should be exciting

Therese Juhaug, who ended her skating career by going to Skarverennet about three weeks ago, then announced that she She wishes to help young women with their health and self-esteem, hoping to prevent, among other things, eating disorders and mental disorders.

– It is important for me to focus on the fact that there is a lot of diverse information about the body and health. At worst, unbalanced information, as I see it, can build on unrealistic expectations, especially among girls and women, Johoge told Dagbladet.

At the same time as the suburban stars enter a long training season, retired and not, It’s competition season for hurdles runner Amelie Lowell right around the corner.

Concerned with Women’s Health: Amali Lowell. Photo: Berit Roald / NTB
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Iuel himself is concerned with promoting optimal body health. She now praises Johog’s initiative.

– I love him. We have been fed what is perfect for the perfect body for many years. I think a healthy lifestyle, where you eat well and be active, is what we should encourage. That’s what should be exciting, says Iuel.

– All is not well

His former teammate, Ingvild Flugstad Østberg, also thinks Johaug’s initiative is good.

Former teammates and good friends: Therese Juhaug and Engfeld Flugstad Ostberg.  Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Former teammates and good friends: Therese Juhaug and Engfeld Flugstad Ostberg. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB
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– I hope it helps, she says to Dagbladet.

Gjøvik girl points out how the world has changed in line with the advancement of technology in recent years. Where one is constantly exposed to social media, unlike when she was a teenager.

More importantly with increased emphasis on the fact that reality is not necessarily as perfect as it is presented, as Flugstad Østberg points out.

– As you’re exposed now, with social media and everything around you all the time, I think it’s very important to talk about this topic as well. Mostly you may see what is perfect in social media, also not everything is as perfect as it seems. You can then talk about it, to show that there are many different bodies and everything, I think this is very important, she continues.

negative pattern

Flugstad Østberg itself has She has been open about the diet and nutrition issues she has had for several years. This season, she was not selected for the cross-country team, in part due to the fact that she did not meet the requirements of an approved health certificate to compete internationally.

However, she continued to focus on former Johaug coach, Pål Gunnar Mikkelsplass, as head coach. The main goal is first and foremost to maintain your healthy health. You confessed to Dagbladet something that was, and still is, difficult to change.

-Importance: Engfeld Flugstad Ostberg praises Therese Juhaug’s focus on body stress. Video: Anton Lear. Reporter: Ragna Kristen Ostberg.
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– Whether I knew or not, I don’t know either. It’s the only thing I’m working on that I know will be difficult in the future as well, Flugstad Østberg said on Thursday.

The cross-country race emphasizes that the root of the problem, which for its part is complex, is difficult to find a concrete cause. This is something that she and the team around her must discover every day.

Good that more people are participating

Biathlon duo Ingrid Landmark Tandrivold and Terrell Eckhoff have long been champions of talking out loud about women’s health, including on the podcast «Edge with Tyrell and Ingrid».

– I feel like if there are any athletes who talk a lot about it, it’s Terrell and I. I feel like I’ve been very open along the way. Among other things related to women’s health and things we are very committed to. I think it’s very good that more people are coming into the field, says Landmark Tandrifold.

Ingrid Landmark Tandrifold.  Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Ingrid Landmark Tandrifold. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB
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How important is it for more people to come to the field in your opinion?

– Based on the feedback we’ve received, many have appreciated that we focused on women’s health in our podcast. Then I think it’s good to have more people participating, she says.

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