I hired emergency personnel due to data issues

I hired emergency personnel due to data issues

During this week, more and more employees in Andouille Municipality’s health and care services have faced challenges accessing their digital professional systems, including patient records.

All health and care services are affected by unstable access. Physicians’ offices and the emergency room have consistent access to their records systems.

It does not pose a direct danger to life and health

– Emergency patients and doctor visits are not affected by the challenges. The situation is considered dangerous, but it does not pose an immediate danger to life and health, says municipal director Andreas Jordel.

For other health and care services, this means that staff have precarious access to information about patient agreements and health information.

The leading health and care group has implemented manual procedures to ensure patient safety and provide appropriate healthcare until issues are resolved.

He created a crisis team

The municipality hired crisis personnel as a result of IT problems. An IT service vendor has been working since Tuesday to get an overview and correct issues.

– There is no indication that this is a hacking attack. Our IT vendor has identified errors and deficiencies in many of our systems. At the individual level, these failures were a source of instability. The sum of all the errors now means we’re experiencing instability and failure of the systems that employees use, Gordel says in the press release.

The municipal director expected that the challenges would continue until Thursday and Friday, with the situation stabilizing as of next week.

The crisis team will receive updates from the IT supplier at 12:00 and 15:00, and will then have a better overview of the situation.

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