– I love Norway – E24

- I love Norway - E24

The richest man in the world and the biggest star under the leadership of ONS, Elon Musk, is in town. At 09.20 he landed with his private plane at Stavanger Airport, Sola – and was flown directly to the exhibition area in Tjensvoll.


When he got out of the car, the first thing he said was that he loved Norway.

I came here out of gratitude for the Norwegian people’s support for electric cars. So I would like to say thank you for the Norwegians’ support for sustainable transportation over many years,” he said, among other things, at the press conference outside the Clarion Hotel Energy.

But one thing that’s probably less clear is today’s birth rate. The Tesla founder said it was important for people to have enough children to support the survival of civilization.

– Make more children, then?

– Yes, make more children. At least enough children to ensure the survival of the population. We can’t allow civilization to get so low that we’re dying, Musk – a father of nine – answered the NRK journalist.

Musk devoted a lot of time to the media after arriving at ONS, and he didn’t seem to be much impressed by leaving Los Angeles in the middle of the night.

The somewhat impromptu press meeting took place behind a coffee cart. The crowd became so great that the coffee seller had to ask for a handshake in order to work.

Elon Musk has arrived at the ONS.
Musk took time to speak to the media after his arrival.

Thanks to American Jack Sweeney, known for creating Twitter bots to track private jets of prominent people, including Elon Musk and Russian oligarchs, Musk’s most ardent fans were able to follow his short ten-hour flight from Los Angeles to Sula on Flytradar 24.

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MON opens at 11 am

Musk’s private jet is a Gulfstream G650 – a business jet manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace. The plane can carry 11 to 18 passengers, depending on how it is designed and built from the inside. The aircraft has a maximum speed of 982 kilometers per hour with a cruising speed of 956 kilometers per hour.

This is where Musk’s private jet lands on Sola.
Here, Musk and his entourage leave the airport – in a Tesla Model Y.
The two cars in Musk’s entourage drove to the ONS office at 10, and took up a spot at the Energy Hotel.

Shortly after landing at Stavanger Airport, Sola, Musk and his team entered some waiting cars that took them straight to the ONS Showroom in Tjensvoll, where Musk will take part in the inaugural conference at 11.00 along with, among others, Equinor CEO Anders Opedal, IEA Fatih Birol, Shell CEO, Ben van Beurden, and Crown Prince Haakon. The session is full – there are also a limited number of members of the press with access. A ticket for the inaugural conference costs 16,000 NOK.

Musk, who heads Tesla and Spacex, is on his way to becoming the world’s richest man with a fortune of more than $200 billion. The 51-year-old is from South Africa, but also holds citizenship in the United States and Canada.

Elon Musk is the biggest star to come to ONS.

Tweet about fasting

Musk is known to be very active on Twitter and his messages there can quickly influence the stock market price of the companies he mentions, demonstrating his immense power. Musk now has over 103 million followers on Twitter. Just before leaving for Stavanger and ONS, Musk posted four messages on his Twitter account in which he wrote that he is fasting for periods and feels healthier and better after he started doing so.

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“From time to time, I like to share things on this account that look good for me and my life — and therefore can benefit others as well. You are also encouraged to share your experiences that can help others,” writes Musk, who also reveals that it was a good friend of his who He came with the advice to fast for periods.

The police quickly drove away in Musk’s private plane. Safety is paramount during the ONS Fair.

How long will he stay in the city?

It is highly uncertain how long Musk will remain in Stavanger. Some rumors say he will be flying early this afternoon/evening, while others believe he will first test some of what the area has to offer before he flies tomorrow. The organizer ONS is not even informed of all the details of Musk’s visit.

– Musk has a separate team with him running this, says ONS Director of Communications, Inger Johann Steenberg, to Aftenbladet.

In an earlier version of this case, an image of a wrong plane landing at Sola Airport was used. This was corrected at 09:44.

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