Iceland takes action: urgently builds wall to protect power plants

Iceland takes action: urgently builds wall to protect power plants
Iceland takes action: urgently builds wall to protect power plants

Parts of the town of Grindavik in Iceland have sunk by up to one metre. In the magma tunnel below, 75 cubic meters of magma per second flows, according to calculations.


Since midnight, 700 earthquakes have been recorded over the burning magma tunnel under the town of Grindavik.

So the situation has not changed, and there is still a high possibility of an eruption, the Icelandic Meteorological Institute wrote in an update in 11.30 local time11.30 local timeIceland is one hour behind Norway..

-If an eruption occurs, the most likely location is a magma tunnel, they reported.

Sinking: This image, based on changes that occurred between November 10 and 11, shows the change that occurred at the surface during the formation of the magma tunnel.  The blue colors represent subsidence, and in the image you can clearly see the location of the magma tunnel and the sickle valley that formed at its southern end.

While the activity continues, something else is happening to the small town and the homes of just under 4,000 evacuated residents.

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– Based on analyzes of satellite data prepared by the Meteorological Institute on November 12, it appears that a type of crater has formed that runs through part of the city of Grindavik, the institute wrote.

The data show that in connection with the formation of the magma tunnel, areas in the western part of the settlement sank by up to one metre.

Based on model calculations, they believe the magma flow is 75 cubic meters per second, located about 800 meters underground.

He will build a wall

The Icelandic parliament, Altingit, decided late Monday evening to build a wall on the Reykjanes Peninsula, where there are fears of a volcanic eruption.

This is what the broadcaster writes Four wheel drive car Tuesday night.

The wall would protect important defense buildings and other important infrastructure, which is a proposal from the Icelandic government.

The wall is being built at the Svartsinje power plant, located about four kilometers from Grindavik. It provides electricity to more than 27,000 people in the Suðurnes district of Reykjaneshalvøya.

– It’s about trying to protect the Grindavik settlement and the Svartsinje power plant. Prime Minister Katrinar Jakobsdottirs said in a speech to the Norwegian Parliament on Monday evening that there are great values ​​in these properties and it is important to take care of them.

Construction will actually begin on Tuesday, according to Justice Minister Gorun Hafstinsdottir.

– I will give the National Police the authority to start construction of defense works to protect the power plant in Svartsinje tomorrow, says the Minister of Justice, according to RUV.

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According to Hafstinsdottir, the wall will be built around the power plant, to prevent lava from penetrating.

20,000 trucks

Throughout the night, materials were transported to the power plant to begin construction of the wall.

According to RUV, about 20 thousand trucks with equipment and materials will be required to complete the construction.

It must be financed through residential properties insured against fire, according to the statement Morgunblaðið.

It is still uncertain whether the wall could be built so quickly.

Morgunblaðið It was reported on Tuesday morning that the government is considering installing emergency heating in the Suðurnes region at a cost of US$1.5 million. Two billionTwo billionIt corresponds to approximately 155 million Norwegian kroner. ISK, if the urgent project cannot be implemented.

Residents are allowed in at 12 noon

The situation in Iceland remains unchanged. Since midnight, 700 earthquakes have been recorded, Roof wrote.

On Tuesday night, a 3.1 magnitude earthquake was recorded northeast of Grindavik. Two earthquakes with a magnitude of more than three were recorded in the past 24 hours.

On Friday, about 3,000 Grindavik residents were evacuated from their homes. On Monday, they were allowed to return to the city to bring their pets. It is still uncertain when they will be able to return home again.

He informed the Icelandic Defense Four wheel drive car Residents who were unable to collect valuables and pets on Monday will have another opportunity to do so on Tuesday. Residents are allowed in as of 12 noon Icelandic time, the broadcaster wrote.

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From 10:00 local businesses were allowed to enter. Each household gets five minutes to get the most important thing, RUV wrote.

Destruction: The town of Grindavík has suffered severe damage in recent days.  It is still uncertain whether there will be a volcanic eruption or not.

– The wall cannot have an effect

Geologist and professor Raidar J. Tronis at the UiO Natural History Museum doesn’t necessarily think the wall is a good idea.

– This wall aims to block the lava flow. It is then believed that this lava flow will come from above. But what’s happening in Grindavik now suggests that the lava will likely come from lava eruptions in much smaller places, Tronis says in NRK Morning News.

He confirms that the city of Grindavik is located at a lower level than the Svartsinje power plant.

– In this context, the wall will have no effect. If a lava eruption occurs at a higher point, it can have an impact.

– I’m confused about this. Last week’s activity was just north of Svartsinje. After that, the wall will be suitable to prevent possible lava flow towards the power plant, explains Tron to VG.

Since then, the activity has moved east towards Grindavik on Friday evening.


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